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Suggestion for a new hero

Order| Order 9/18/2018 10:54:31
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Edited by Order at 9/19/2018 02:51 AM

I have a suggestion for a new hero and I will only get into his abilities. If any creators of the game are reading keep in mind that you can change any ability or hero names. And I won't say any cooldowns or elemental energy costs (he uses elemental energy which he gets every second)

Name: Aifiva The god of elements.

Passive: Fire mark: Whenever Aifiva hits enemy heroes with abilities he applies a fire mark on them or if he hits himself he applies a fire mark on himself the mark lasts 5 seconds. The fire mark deals magic damage to the enemy and heals you for how much ability power you have. This ability can stack up to 3 times.

First ability: Nature's thorns: Aifiva uses the power of nature to make thorns come out from the sky in the wanted area dealing magic damage to enemies and healing allies. If you have a fire mark on yourself, then you will use your fire mark and nature's thorns to make a lava river in a wide area which will deal damage to enemies and heal allies. The lava will fill the wanted area in 3 seconds. The damage of thorns and the damage and speed of lava filling the area will be increased based on how much fire marks you have on yourself.

Second ability: Water wall: Aifiva will summon a wall of water from the ground which will reflect any projectiles hit for 3 seconds (also no one can pass through the wall). If you have a fire mark then the wall will surround you and a teammate and make them invincible to damage, but unable to move for 1,5 seconds. The more fire marks you have the more teammates can be surrounded in the wall and if you reach 3 stacks of fire marks you will be able to move and attack when invincble.

Ultimate: Air blessing: Aifiva uses the power of air to give everyone on your team a buff based on their role and 50% movement speed and 80% cooldown reduction for 3 seconds. Also applies 3 fire marks to yourself.

All role buffs: Mage: Ability damage increased bh 50%, mana costs reduced by 50%.

Marksman: Attack damage increased by 50%, attack speed increased by 50%, mana costs reduced by 50%.

Tank: Health increased by 50%, HP regen increased by 50%, mana costs reduced by 50%.

Assassin: Attack and ability damage increased by 50%, mana costs reduced by 50%.

Warrior: Attack and ability damage increased by 50%, mana costs reduced by 50%.

Support: Effocts on allies increased by 50% (heals, shields etc.), mana costs reduced by 50%.

Also sorry if some of these are too op i'm sure if they make something like this they will balance this.

Note to creators: I've been playing this game for a while and I loved every second of it. If you release something like my hero I will play him a lot. So all i want to say that I love your game and I hope that you will do such an amazing job all the time.

I forgot to say that it might be hard to get fire marks for yourself because you need to choose the ablity to yourself and while in combat it will be hard to do that so maybe near every ability
(exept ult
) you will have your hero face (like on Xeniel's ult).
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Use magic

From_Hell| From_Hell 9/28/2018 23:20:18
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Edited by From_Hell at 10/9/2018 02:14 PM

Short of all of these abilities having a 70 second plus CD this hero would be OP and meta breaking. All of these abilities are the equivalent to an Ult and some of them are improved versions of other hero’s ult skill.

His passive is Ignis’s Passive in steriods (unless it takes a really small percent of your AP like ignis’s Passive).

First ability is Lumber 10.0 Ult and unless the fire speed of this is slower than Xeniel’s teleportation this will have a bigger impact on a team fight than Kresht’s Ult, Lumburr’s Ult, and Alice’s Ult and will likely be on par with Azzen’Kas Ult in a team fight scenario. Considering this is a first skill, unless this has a ridiculously small area or low amount of healing/damage. In addition the fact a simple passive mark you can set on yourself can increase the animation/damage speed it seems a little over the top.

The second ability is a talent that was removed because it was to broken x4. Even if this ability had a 30 second cool down time and only worked on one ally in a given range, you just created one of the strongest supports in the game with this ability alone. Also could be used to troll teammates worse than baldum.

The ultimate would be fine if it could only be used during the first 5 minutes of the game, but late game 50% is a lot. For starters, reducing the CD another 50% would make some characters have a CD on skills of effectively 0 (Omega for example). 80% is excessive. The fact it isn’t a targeted area means it is already better than peura’s Ult. If you crunch the numbers for any of the buffs, you would quickly realize how over the top it is. Take the Marksman buff of increased damage for example. That would result in them causally throwing around roughly 750-1800 damage with basic attacks and having crits of 3000-7200 damage just from basic attacks. Factor in skills that have high damage modifiers and you will have a Joker than can drop a bomb that does 5000 damage without a crit (a crit would be roughly 20000 damage I think).

Yes this character would defiantly be OP and I don’t even know where to start on how to balance it.

Also the fire marks won’t be a problem in the face of their effects. If you have it stack like Maganga getting a 3 stack would take less than a second or two and even stacking it like xeniel wont take more than 10 seconds or so.

Honestly I am all for original ideas in new characters (even though no one else reads these forum pages) however I would like if there could’ve been a bit more effort and thought put into the numbers and concepts of these abilities. This feels like a bunch of powerful skills gangbanged together...
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Use magic

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