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Lukáš_Altner| Lukáš_Altner 8/6/2018 01:23:22
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Edited by Lukáš_Altner at 8/6/2018 01:45 AM

It's been some time since the last big update that contained biggest skills changes and balancing.
Unfortunatelly for me the biggest nerfs were made for Liliana which is my main and at first I was really angry then I calmed down tried some other item builds and such and still tried to play her but damn she is so bad at everything compared to others.

1) Her "ultimate" reiki shot is absolutelly impossible to use in 5v5 it needs special requirements to be even activated which forces me to be close to the enemy then it takes eternity to cast and it can be canceled by literally everything so since I'm close there is nothing easier than interupt it by any stun/knockback/grip or just kill me and then if I manage to cast it by some miracle it moves so slow that everyone who has boots (so everyone) can run away from it. And I'm not even talking about cancerous characters like Flash, Murad, Wukong, Zill that just randomly turn invisible for like 2seconds and nothing happens when it hits them.

2) Her movement speed in fox form was reduced in that update so now she is slower in fox form than some fat tanks which is really stupid. I admit she can kind of blink when changing forms but that cannot be used randomly just for movement speed during fight.

3) Duration of her only control ability was reduced to 0.75sec so when someone is wearing Gilded Greaves it's just 0.56sec which is not even blink of an eye it's hardly a stun it's just an interupt. While other characters having stuns or other disables like: Diaochan 2.5sec / Xeniel 1.25sec / Veera 1.5sec / Gildur 3.5sec / Grakk 3sec / Aleister 3sec / Roxie 2.5sec / Azzen'ka stuns you forever and Valhein, Omega, Alice and some other characters don't even have duration of the stun written in description.

So my suggestion is either give Liliana same kind of shield when casting her ult as Natalya has that prevents being controlled or make Reiki shot instant cast or give Liliana better movement speed or give her better control. As she is now she has good damage potencial but that potencial cannot be realized in 99% of the cases because she can be overcontrolled and overun by anyone and any other mage/assassin/marskman will melt her down faster than she casts Reiki shot since she is a squishy mage. She could be used only if enemy had no control abilities and her team had all the control abilities then she would be able to unleash her potencial but that will never happen. Her only strenght is in chaining abilities properly which is already sketchy playtyle and leaves her open.

So I still don't really get the reason behind nerfing Liliana so much while not even touching stuff like Murad that just teleports on you gives you hit for half of HP while being invisible so you can't fight back he even slows you down and then teleports back without receiving any damage and nobody cares. Assassins are generally way too powerful compared to the other classes and you can't have team full of tanks to counter the assassins. So next time please nerf these invisible bullcraps and not enjoyable character that is just being average and sketchy to play. Thanks

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