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New Modes Suggestions

crybloodwing| crybloodwing 6/15/2018 12:53:41
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1. Random/Set Heroes

In this one each person gets a random hero to play the match with. They are allowed to switch heroes with their teammates before the match starts.


Each player gets a choice of 2 or 3 random heroes to choose from.


Each player gets a choice of 2-3 random heroes to choose from. One person gets a choice of support or tank, one gets assassins, one gets warriors, one gets marksmens, one gets mages.


5-7 heroes are chosen at random. Each teammate chooses the one they want. In this mode there will always be at least one random tank or support chosen.

2. Objective Match

This is the same as the normal 5v5, but there are a few objectives spread around instead of bosses to kill. Holding the objective until it fills up completely with at least one person on the spot gives the team stronger minions for a certain about of time.

3. Points

Points are given based on kills, holding objectives, and destroying towers. The first team to reach 200 wins.

1 point per weakest minion
5 points for the ballistic ones
10 for killing a hero
20 for destroying a turret/tower
50 for capturing an objective

Or if a team completely destroys the enemies base, they instantly win.

4. Random Hardcore

Not only do you get the random heroes as in 1, you also get random items at intervals and your skills are randomly leveled up.

5. Dance Off

I am not being totally serious with this one....but it would be fun and amusing. A dance off. You choose your hero and are in a team of 4. The game plays like Guitar Hero, like the scrolling towards you notes. However the notes show your heroes abilities instead.

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From_Hell| From_Hell 8/3/2018 22:55:19
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Random hero selection exists in hook wars and abyss I think.

Random items would be a mess, and I don’t really play AOV for a guitar hero esq feel.... Like the Objective idea though.

Points would be redundant. Games are already under 30 minutes for the most part. There’s also Deathmatch for a point based system.

More game modes:

- Plant The Bomb with 15 minutes times and only 1 tower (plus spawn defense) in a 3v3 format on a relatively small map. 3 Minute timer. Like the football format that is phasing out.

- A format with no mana cost and lower CD rate for all skills on all hero’s and all damage is doubled.
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Lukáš_Altner| Lukáš_Altner 8/6/2018 00:51:09
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My suggestion is that there should be one mode where you can play alone without others.. some kind of arcade where you either clear some map from enemy bots or defend some objective from incomming enemy bots waves or something like that.
I know this is primarly online game to play with other ppl but sometimes you get annoyed with people but you still want to play the game itself
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From_Hell| From_Hell 10/9/2018 15:07:10
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Lukáš_Altner replied at 8/6/2018 12:51 AM
My suggestion is that there should be one mode where you can play alone without others.. some kind o ...

I sometimes create custom matches with all AO for this. 1v5ing AI is harder than it seems. Doing a 2v5 against AI with a friend can be just as fun. Hope this helps (wouldn’t mind the suggested format though!)
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