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Mages in AOV

Mintwarlock| Mintwarlock 6/13/2018 04:34:42
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Edited by Mintwarlock at 6/13/2018 04:34 AM

I have always played mages/wizards in almost all games I did because that's the particular playstyle I'm used to.

However, AOV's mages are severely underpowered. Is this intentional?

Almost all mages are in the lower tiers. The lowest tiered character is Veera, in almost all fora that I've seen. The only meta mages are mage/assasins, which mostly require the character to be close the the enemy. Three mages are control mages, yet a lot of characters like Murad and Zill are immune to CC while they ult. It seems that all meta characters have some sort of a blink-like skill, even mages like Zill and Tulen.

Other mages, like harass or CC mages don't even really do their job that well. The cooldown is really slow; mages are very weak normal attackers compared to all other classes. They can't even withsand 1v1 battles in general because they move at a glacial pace. The scenarios in which they shine are not commonplace, especially not in higher ranked games. Other MOBA games don't really care if you have two mages in a team, but I've always heard "one mage only" during picking only in AOV, because they are always deemed too weak compared to others.

I seriously would suggest that you buff the mages. I would always understand a tier list, and that some characters would be better than others in certain situations, but at the very least make the mages a decent, enjoyable class. Perhaps reduce cooldowns, or reduce mana cost. It's so tiring to be a mage in AOV, and it's not fun for me trying other characters. I've played this game less and less ever since the meta has always been to have characters which all have blink abilities, and mages not being able to tear them alone.
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From_Hell| From_Hell 8/3/2018 23:24:15
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Um, mages are meta. Sans Veera and possibly Ignis all of them are pretty darn usable.

Flash - Top Tier character

Liliana - Tip Tier Character

Khali - way too popular and annoying

Krixi - .....why did she deserve a nerf to her passive???? not bad for a free mage character?

Tulen - give him a proper nerf pls

Natalya - Can OHKO enemies!!! Get Rekt newbs!!!

Raz - (see above)

Lauriel - Deadly in her circle. Not to bad outside I guess???

Ignis - (runs out of mana too quickly IMO). He literally has nearly every effect in the game. True damage, stun, aoe damage, movement speed buff, shield, healing, and finally cool flame shaped marks that need to last longer.

Aleister - Ruins so many good characters and makes people cry. Good enough for me.

Preyta - could use a buff but honestly I still remember when he dominated everything so I’m not exactly eager for that again...

Illumia - Literally the same from when everyone used her. Nothing has changed. Strong as ever.

Veera - This isn’t a mage, this is an assassin. Recategorize and I am fine with it.

Azzen’Ka - Still has the longest non-orbital range in the game. Best CC, though should be called a support not really a pure mage here...

Maganga - Late game monster, just needs to tank up a little. Top tier stuff.

Diaochan - please never buff again. Hate facing her.

Arum - Can kill people next to towers and creators were like “seems legit”.

Honestly, I play mage characters predominately. I have never found them to be too underpowered and as of now they seem a bit overpowered with some joining Superman on the “to be nerfed list”.  I don’t know what kind of mages are in other games you played, but I have seen certain other games where certain mage characters completely d9minated meta in a bs manner. I think this is nicely balanced with Marksmen getting the short end of the stick atm. Right now too many characters like Skud or Max can ruin ADC’s chances of being useful—so much so that marksmen aren’t used in diamond normally. (Joker Being an exception to the rule).

I think arguing a class is weak is a bit too general and inaccurate and each hero should be taken case by case. What do I mean?

Flash needs a nerf. Does this mean we nerf all mages? Hell no. Azzen’ka Could really use a buff. Does this mean we buff all mages? No, they are dominating meta!

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From_Hell| From_Hell 10/9/2018 15:01:42
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Having seen the edits I feel obliged to reply. I think we have seen a revival of some traditional mages with Azzen’Ka taking the cake. I don’t think there are some misconceptions here and mages are balanced nicely -ish. Again take this on a case by case please, saying “all mages that aren’t assassins” doesn’t make is really case by case...

First, the reason 1 Mage to a team is a (general) rule is due to the, simply being squishy and weak to CC not because people don’t think the characters are powerful. Often times the case is that you have 3 people wanting to play ADC and 2 wanting to play mage and here is the issue, every team DOES NEED FODDER. Ok let’s not be too harsh on the tanks (several are quiet strong) but that’s kind of what goes through every ADC and mages player’s head when they play a tank/support (notice I included ADC since 2 ADC on a team is frowned upon even MORE than 2 mages).

However, saying due to the need for tanks you can’t have a team with 2+ mages is bogus. I have played on, seen, and faced teams with multiple mages. A common example would be a traditional mage (like Khali) as mid and an assassin/Mage like Flash Jungling. Throw in the two Tank/Mages (Maria and Arum) and you now have a 4 Mage team. Roxie is a character that should be a mage/tank since they do magical damage but is often overlooked for that.

So to the list:

Veera - IS PLAYABLE just takes some practice and patience. Not the best mage by any means but if your team desperately needs a mage they are certainly an option. As one of the only characters that can come close to combo killing tanks Veera still has her niche as more of an assassin/Mage. Also has a REALLY short CD.

Azzen’Ka - With the new mage support and Tank/Warrior/Tree rocking the meta Azzen’ka has become a sweet counter and support to both of them. He is able to shut down some characters like Alice and is still the bane of many ADC. While not the strongest character by any means and having a few glaring weaknesses doesn’t help, I still main him and enjoy it. Has a short CD.

Illumia - never was nerfed. Long CD? I guess but it’s only fair since I think she has the shortest CD for any orbital strike... still strong.

Khali - an option. Not the best but not the worst. She is definitely a harass mage and used properly can be a pain to face and certainly a boon for teammates. Medium-short CD + long range = great

Ignis - 2nd Shortest CD in game I think tied with Veera (and possibly Azzen’Ka?). Mana was an issue but with Team Support Items he can spam like no tomorrow. Still has nearly every effect in the game.

Marja - After the buff she has become a serious threat. With a panick button, heavy lifesteal, and good damage for being tanky she is certainly an option—if nothing else to counter the Valhein in DS lane....

Arum - Like Marja a tank mage (neither can blink). Both are strong but Arum takes the cake as most BS. Locking characters out of the game is kind of .... wow.... Also, tower kills? Really?

Diaochan - here is a case where a buff is needed. IDK she has kind of hurt mostly because her ult has become kind of lack luster in the regard it puts her at jeopardy. Also a certain new warrior now has a buffed version of her skill... Can still freeze teams annoyingly fast.

Maganga - Like Azzen’Ka can be a Support/Mage/Tank in a match. Low CD, relatively high damage and only lacks in HP. His short range can be compensated for with the support item + your choice of armor. Don’t worry, damage output will be fine since most of his damage is cancerous poison...

Jinnar - So OP. Anyone can use him and the fact just clicking his ult can nearly garentee getting a kill or winning a fight is kind of annoying. Also has enough ranged skills to annoy an Azzen’Ka.

Krixi - haven’t seen her around much but I think she should still be fine. Movement speed buffs are what keep her relevant anyways.

Tulen - not an assassin. Has blink skills. Still OP.

Preyta - again not a character I have faced often. I hear he is popular above diamond and in master league (from a friend). Testing his character, his damage output is solid and his above average movement speed should keep him ahead of the crowd.

Annette - General concensus? Really strong.

Idk which character(s) you have been playing and are complaining about but there are plenty of fine mages...each have their own play styles, roles, and ways to survive in this meta.

Harass mages generally have high movement speed and medium-low CD to Low CD with the only drawback being the high mana cost (though you can now comfortably carry two Mana regen items).

Assassin/mages are still very strong. I find the argument that mages can’t 1v1 to be a tad bit annoying mostly because a) quiet a few can and b) Assassin/Mages are KNOWN for this. I mean throwing out a category because they contradict you doesn’t mean the category doesn’t exist. I can understand disliking assassin/mages but hey if you want a mage that can 1v1 there are plenty of good picks here. CC mages and Harass mages are geared to other ascpects of the game other than 1v1ing (team fights and sabatozing/auxiliary respectively). Saying CC mages can’t 1v1 is like me saying assassins can’t tank! For starters, Tulen and Jinnar are perfectly good pure mages at 1v1. Yes they are midranged but they are mages.

CC mages are still the lords of Debuffs. They are (ina sense) the reverse of supports who are focused on buffing and can all generally benefit a team greatly even with some armor for survivability or a support class build. They have frequently taken the role of Support on teams with 2-3 tanks/warriors and are not to be underestimated in a team fight. I would like to point out most supports can 1v1 either so what’s your point? CC mages don’t need to do THAT much damage. There is a reason you have an ADC and Assassin.... hopefully....

Honestly I don’t mean to bash you, but as a mage player I can’t let you trash talk my favorite class and walk away without correcting some issues with your logic here. I specialize in CC/support mages to be precise and haven’t really gotten the hang of any Assassin/mages outside of Liliana (who I am chalking up as a fluke). I am happy to offer advice and agree with you on certain characters needing buffing, but I need something more than “Other mages” or even “Harass and CC mages” since most characters have very specific skill sets/play styles. Which mages do you play and how have you been using them? Complaining about an issue that isn’t there doesn’t help.

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