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Hyper carry?

Zekroma| Zekroma 6/7/2018 15:19:27
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Does anyone know if there are any good “hyper carries” in this game? Like a character that can easily win games for the team or a character that is really good for climbing ranked. Thanks!

(If you play league a hyper carry is like Vayne, Yi, Lucian, Kog (I think) etc.)
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From_Hell| From_Hell 6/17/2018 15:08:26
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Zanis is pretty strong. I have single handily won a few games with him, though he can’t really carry the whole team, 4 feeders are hard to compensate for.

Superman can carry though can be a bit difficult. If you have one decent teammate it’s not uncommon to see Superman assist/carry. Alone....not as much but can hamstring enemy teams by OHKOing enemy ADC/Mage

If you actually can use Murad correctly Murad is a beast (he is really hard to use). If used properly is neigh unbeatable. The kind of character where one small mistake means your death but if no mistakes are made 1v5s are plausible....

Tulen can carry since he can play so many roles. Really good Tulens can do mid, help top/bot and steal enemy jungle which really puts a lot of pressure....

Lauriel is impressive in her circle. Not a bad pick.

Violet still is a strong pick despite her nerf, if it weren’t for Tel’Anna’s being so strong with one other decent teammate I would say Violet is best ADC. Violet is great for pushing ranks.

Butterfly is great for bronze-silver-gold but gets harder to play Plat and up. Can singlehandedly get you to platinum rank. Be warned though, many players get annoyed (teammates) if you mess up or are not aggressive enough. Recommend thinking of using a second character as backup for higher ranks.

Azzen’Ka is amazing if you have some friends or a coordinated team and one of the best mages for his role (traditional CC/range/damage). Can’t climb ranks like other hero’s on random teams but with 2-4 friends is a seriously good choice. Can turn a losing match into a winning match by stalling the enemy team. Have done this before but prepare for about a 90 minute waiting game.

Illumia (same as Azzen’Ka). Better for when you are thrown in a random match with people of questionable skill level. Solid pick for a traditional mage.

Tel’annas can win games if you have one solid teammate to protect you. Her only real draw back is she sucks at 1v2s or 1v3s (1v4 means certain death even with tower).

Kricknack can sometimes get some early kills and carry, though Zanis is probably a better pick, escpecially for climbing the lower tiers.

Valhein -> there’s a better hero, I’d even take Lindis over him. Simply put he is all around solid but doesn’t quiet stand out like other ADC can. Doesn’t have Yorns snipe or machine gun like basic, Lindis and Fennik are great for stealing opponents jungle which can really hurt certain characters. Moren and Wisp have some serious AOE. If anything is to be said about Valhein it’s that his skills do magic damage but honestly, I think Violet or Tel are just better picks.

Wonder Woman can carry matches. All around solid and slightly better Arthur. Only downside is that she’s not very flashy and as a result can get bogged down. You do need your teammates to rally around and follow you.

Maloch is a solid pick that tilts the game in your team’s favor. Doesn’t carry matches per say but can Do everything WW does. Also has a bonus for having a flashy tide turning ult.

Zill, Flash, Nakroth, Wu Kong, and Airi. All are beasts played correctly and can be shoe in MVPs but often times lack the finishing touch if their team can’t take the initiative that they can create early on. They don’t turn the tide of the match but certainly can start the match winning.

Zephys can tank and kill. Seen him numerous times carry for his team. If you have him he is seriously a good alternate to Zanis. Think of him as the tankier version of Zanis or Zanis as the more damaging verion of Zephys.

Even if you don’t see a character on this list they are probably decent at rising up the ranks. Most the characters in AOV are playable. I think I’ve named most of the major characters that do better despite having poorer teammates. There are a lot of hero’s that can carry their team with one other hero. Asking for one hero to carry their whole team only really works out in the lower ranks. Some hero’s are generally strong and can tilt the game in their teams favor but good opponents won’t nessecarily lose due to such a minute factor.

Gl climbing ranked.
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crybloodwing| crybloodwing 6/15/2018 11:17:41
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I have personally carried many teams as Valhein. I have often done over 15 kills, most tower damage, while never dying once. Also I normally get MVP as him.

His stuns are good for escaping, he does a good amount of damage and he is easy to use. I also use him a lot to sneak down one side while the enemies are somewhere else....
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Zekroma|  Author| Zekroma 6/26/2018 11:23:24
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From_Hell replied at 6/17/2018 03:08 PM
Zanis is pretty strong. I have single handily won a few games with him, though he can’t really carr ...

Sorry for the late response but wow! Thanks for the very in depth answer! Hopefully the other 10,000 people who somehow saw this (or is the 10,000 views a visual glitch?) will use this information well! I’m sure this will benefit myself and many others. Good luck climbing!


P.S. Do you play league? If you do then add me my summoner is Zekroma.

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From_Hell| From_Hell 8/3/2018 22:22:06
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Edited by From_Hell at 8/3/2018 10:25 PM
Zekroma replied at 6/26/2018 11:23 AM
Sorry for the late response but wow! Thanks for the very in depth answer! Hopefully the other 10,0 ...

This is a bit late. I do not play league (never have). I am mostly focusing on AOV for my MOBA game.

Note that this list, while helpful doesn’t cover everything and the meta is ever shifting based on the player base and updates.

Some other hero’s to note:

Arum - Arguably best jungle thief ever. Can kill players next to their towers with their ult and lock players out of the game. A true Anti-hero. (Better at higher ranks). Don’t want Arum giving you a hug.

Rourke - Best character in game. There I said it. Does damage, tanks, jungles, moves fast, and is immune to crowd control effects. Maybe this was their solution to Superman being OP??? Good at all ranks.

Kilgroth - a poor mans alternative to Rourke. Lacks the survivability and same movement boosts (and range) but compensated with crazy lifesteal and heavy damage. (Better at lower ranks but fine at higher ranks)

Joker - He is an assassin that everyone mistakes as an adc. Does enough burst damage to OHKO most non-tanks. Even if he doesn’t kill the target, his mussels will scare any low hp person from the battle field. Good at all ranks and can preform all roles but mage and cc. (Good for all ranks)

I could list the rest of the characters but honestly pick a character that doesn’t have “support” in their title and you probably are good. Support characters are fine, but prepare to find a good friend or two.

Tank/Warriors, Warriors, and Mage/Assassins tend to be good at all ranks without friends.
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