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Please do not forget Lumburr!

Toro8322| Toro8322 5/26/2018 06:48:25
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Edited by Toro8322 at 5/26/2018 06:49 AM

I am a Lumburr’s player for a while and I am sad to see that he is consistently forgotten from the patchs. While other heros are rebalanced on a regular basis, Lumburr is consistently loosing ground!

He is basically a support with an important tankiness. However, he does not deal any damage. In 1vs1, he is overpowered by every other hero.
None of the skills of Lumburr provide him tankiness, health or any other bonus to himself, his tankiness is only provide by his basic stats and the items.
Which means, that if you play for example a tanky Lauriel, you may be close in tankiness to a Lumburr while you would be still a good damage dealer...
His passive provides a small amount of armor to close teamates, but he must remain very close to them to make teamates benefit from his passive and in any case the bonus won’t help so much a mage or an adc who will die anyway from the moment he is caught by the ennemies damage dealers.

The last point concerns the control skills of Lumburr which allow to slowdown ennemis and to protect an ally to some extent. This is what makes Lumburr a support, however each patch adds exceptions to the ultimate of Lumburr (that throws ennemis in the air and reduces their speed if they remain in the effect area which is a straight line on the ground).
New heros are able to be not affected when using other abilities at the same time, and older heros get immunizations at each update against this ultimate. For example Nathalya won’t be affected by his ultimate while abilities from other heros may stop the Nathalya’s abilities, for example Xeniel.
Some other heros are not even longer threw in the air at all when the ultimate his triggered.

Now with the last update and the up of other heros that were considered as less competitive, Lumburr is going to be at the bottom of the heros while he is one of the funnier and more challenging heros in teamfights.

Please review the effects of the ultimate of Lumburr to prevent it to be countered by lower abilities of other heros and improve the efficiency of his armor bonus or his tankiness abilities.
And please, do not forget that each time you improve the abilities and stats of the other heros, you are nerfing Lumburr...

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Rongaulius| Rongaulius 5/26/2018 15:40:49
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The big green rock could definitely use some improvement.  Easiest fix, I figure, is to (A) buff his passive ability while (B) converting his Ult from a directional weapon to an area-effect CC that knocks everything into the air nearby.  And fires faster...current Ult charge is ridiculous in light of the fact that the only players who get caught by his Ult are rookies; anyone who knows what's coming will simply step out of the way.
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/30/2018 21:07:30
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Yes Lumburr could use an buff however used correctly he can have some fun in the death match format where you often need 1 tankier character on your team to play bait (or something close to it).

In addition don’t expect any support to win a 1v1 sans Maganga (who is really a mage) since supports are well supports. It would be very scary if any of the tankier characters did significantly more damage than they do now since damage is currently the only selling point for most ADC and mages and buffing his passive shield too much could lead to unpleasant combos (I have Murad in mind here).

I would recommend that Lumburr fans who really want to play Lumburr take up a role of more of bait/scout since he is kind of tanky and as a person who plays mostly mages, I can tell you as a mage there is always a shortage of good bait on your team. Since his passive shield is laughable try not standing right next to your ADC/Mage since it just makes CC effects that much sweeter. I can’t tell you how many times I have picked up  Lumburr as a free additional assist/kill accidentally as Azzen’Ka after using my S2/S3 skill on the ADC or mage they were standing next too ina teamfights. As a Ignis I find Lumburr useful for my S1 skill so I can tag the ADC/Mage and unleash my S3 skill for nearly 4K damage on the ADC/Mage.....

,......I may have sidetracked a bit but while you are waiting for the eventual buff for Lumburr consider playing Xeniel or trying to provide more of a scouting/initiator/meatshield role as Lumburr (you just need a coordinated team).

Gl with Lumburr
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