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Flash rebalancing?

Dianne| Dianne 5/16/2018 08:25:06 From the mobile phone
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I have played against the flash and played with and i feel like his kit is too strong. Not the damage itself that is reasonable enough for mage standards but how much invincibility frames, CC and mobility he has.

First skill has way too much movement distance and to add salt to the injury it can be used again instantly or after some seconds to go back and he can't even be affected by CC while he uses it. And this is pretty much the one thing that makes him too strong as used in combination with the other two skills flash can effortlessly pick on both single or groupal targets and is pretty much a effortless skill to tower dive and kill a retreating target.

Second skill is just fine as it is and the ulti probably either should have no slowdown and let flash move or have slowdown but be static once it was casted. The way it is currently it is too strong in team fights as it has two cc effects in slow and vacuum plus movement of the tornado on top of his mage level damage.

I can usually shut him down and kill him with alice's ulti due it has a very forgiving opportunity window to catch a "teleporting/tornadoing" flash with silence and then stun with first skill, but other heroes with stun and immobilization effects have a much harder and strict time window to catch and punish a halfway competent flash, let alone a skilled one. I guess Omen along Alice could be hard counters to him but everything else needs some real teamwork to shutdown a competent flash. He is like an slightly less damaging but much safer and team battle effective to use zill in some ways
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Use magic

Quang_Phan| Quang_Phan 5/16/2018 11:53:15
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First skill can be stop by cc
And the ulti slow the spd by having only 40%
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Use magic

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