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Weapon| Weapon 5/15/2018 20:56:23 From the mobile phone
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This hero is stupidly over powered. He doesn’t even build AD and DESTROYS anything!!! In 1v1 you can’t defend against him, 1. He spams his first ability and deals chip damage, and then he charges with true damage. 2. He heals as he puts pressure on you. 3. You can’t move past him or away from him as he has his ult that clears half the map. Nerf this hero, or make his skills longer cool down, he is completely unfair to go up against. He hits WAYYYYYYYY TOO HARD, and doesn’t even have AD  gear.
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Rongaulius| Rongaulius 5/21/2018 11:01:36
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DjTheMask replied at 5/21/2018 02:09 AM
Dear Weapon,

I understand your frustration when you face an enemy and it looks like he is undefeata ...

What exactly is Maloch's intended role?  Yes, he's vulnerable to certain types of CC like many other heroes, but he does dish out an alarming amount of damage for a tank without an attack build.
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Rongaulius| Rongaulius 5/20/2018 06:56:58
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I'd agree, leave WW alone.  She's strong but not too strong, and her abilities require considerable skill the get the most out of.

I like your idea of giving Taara some CC.  Here's an idea:  Her hammer spin deals knockback with a .25s Stun on landing, and her Ult stuns for .5/.75/1s (increase with skill level) and deals damage to an area when she triggers, damage dealt being proportional to lost HP.

Arthur...he's one I prefer to build as a warrior more than a tank.  As such, I augment his mobility and give him AP.  That combines very effectively with his Passive armor and with his Armor Break with his S1.  I don't see him as a very effective tank - too much damage potential to waste, and Thane is a somewhat similar but far more durable tank.

Astrid, I think they could give a minor buff to.  But, she's already fairly durable, so I think the only thing she really needs is a SLIGHT buff to the CD of her passive.  Give her that shield 2s more frequently, and I think she becomes very viable without being too strong.

More ideas in your other thread.
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/18/2018 13:43:16
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Rongaulius replied at 5/18/2018 06:37 AM
Haven't faced enough Maloch users to have formed a definite opinion, but there's definitely consider ...

Ormar is a solid character, though I have had little to no success with him. I mostly play mages and I have found Azzen’Ka can deal with all of the above except Malroch and Flash.

I agree out of the other listed hero’s WW is significantly weaker (though still fun to play XD) but she is still head and shoulders above other traditional choices like Taraa or Arthur. The amount of true damage she can steadily dish out compounded with her versatile cc and short burst damage (not to mention healing) allows for her to outperform most other warrior/tanks.

WW probably doesn’t need a nerf, but certain characters like Taraa, Arthur, and Astrid could probably use a buff. Even if it’s something small like a slight base hp increase.

(The only character on the list I want to see nerfed is Superman).

Here’s $0.01 for thought
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/17/2018 14:07:20
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Malroch needs a nerf? He needs to get in line. There are plenty of characters who need a nerf.

The nerfs that are needed:

- Less HP (2-3K less HP and reclassification as an assassin)
- or Remove the movement speed buff and reduce base movement speed
- or Skills do a base damage less than 1K. His skills do WAY to much burst damage on top of stunning and additional CC effects

Flash: Generally all mage/assassins are a bit too Op
- Decrease final burst damage on ult
- or Remove the shielding effect. Why the hell does Flash get a shield??? This doesn’t make sense Class wise nor Lore wise

- Decrease base damage and increase damage from A.D. items
- Decrease radius of his Ultimate skill. It has an uncharacteristicly large CC effect, more so than Pure CC mages or support characters. His ult is up there in “skills/abilities that belong to another class”. I wouldn’t mind if you instead buffed the AOE of certain (most mages) cc effects instead.

- Nerf the CD for his ult. He can be invincible for 2 of every 9 seconds making him the one character that can become invincible more frequently than any other character when paired with his 2nd ability that nullifies CC effects and physical damage
- Remove his immunity to CC effects for his 2nd ability

- Make her 2nd ability after “Leap of the Fox” not do splash damage. It does too much damage as it is since it TRACKS her foe
- Remove her stun from her 2nd skill. That stun has a further radius than Krixi’s and Liliana already does more base damage than Krixi and Ignis combined (or Maganga if you prefer). In other words, Liliana is just a 2.0 for most mages so her getting CC is overkill

And the list goes on. I mostly try mentioning characters that are generally stronger than their counter parts or have abilities that don’t go with their class. All the aforementioned characters that need nerfing are OP. While some characters need to be nerfed (like Superman needs to be nerfed to oblivion), I think it would be happies if certain characters got the buff they deserve (like Ignis and Nakroth). Thanks for reading.

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Rongaulius| Rongaulius 5/18/2018 06:37:01
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Haven't faced enough Maloch users to have formed a definite opinion, but there's definitely considerable power potential there.  A bit too much for a hero who's nominally a tank, even if he is a warrior hybrid.  And yeah, his ult radius is disproportionately large compared with other CC tanks.  

Flash, yeah, he's pretty nasty.  Tried him out just before he became available for purchase, and he's absurdly mobile to the point of nigh invulnerability even without accounting for the shield.  Maybe they had an agreement with DC that all DC heroes had to be OP...though in that case, WW sure got shafted.  Discrimination lawsuit?  Lmao...I kid, I kid.

Actually I like WW.  Tough to use but quite effective when used properly.  On an unrelated note.

On another unrelated note, I've been using Ormarr lately due to having performance issues with Grakk (I can dish out CC all day, but Grakk needs too much help to score don't get much help from most random teams...).  Ormarr strikes a good balance of durability, mobility, damage output, and CC, well suited to handle most problems.  I've been running him with an armor-piercing build, plus magic resist and HP.  Doing so gives him the ability to shrug off some of the strongest attacks (mages), and he can stun enemies in melee and then escape if needed.  Yes, he's a very "basic" hero, but he's a good one and has strong attributes.  So far he's the best choice I've found for dealing with most of the heroes commonly considered OP.  Just a thought for those who are having trouble with some of the more powerful new heroes.

(And no, I'm not saying he's stronger than any of them.  Just that I've found he stands a better chance against many of them than a lot of heroes do.)

Just my $0.02
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DjTheMask| DjTheMask 5/21/2018 02:09:25
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Dear Weapon,

I understand your frustration when you face an enemy and it looks like he is undefeatable. Please understand that heroes are perfectly nerfed. Look at aditional options to counter Maloch, for example, he is very slow you can easily flicker your way out of a bad situation with him.
Also remember AoV is a team game, in no situation you have to face him 1Vs1, stay together with your team and beat him up!
It might also be a good idea to have a defensive arcana & item build against him, you can find alot of recommendations on google.

I wish you goodluck in your near future battles!
DJTM - Development Team!
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/23/2018 12:18:29
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Rongaulius replied at 5/21/2018 11:01 AM
What exactly is Maloch's intended role?  Yes, he's vulnerable to certain types of CC like many oth ...

There are other tanks like Xeniel and WW who do relatively high amounts of damage. I think Malroch is officially classified as a warrior/tank so technically he should be kind of like Arthur? In my opinion I would put Maloch as a strictly better Arthur since he deals more damage, gains shields instead of additional armor, has a wider AOE for his Ult, and only loses the movement speed buff that Art has.
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