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KenLove89| KenLove89 5/8/2018 16:42:27
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Edited by KenLove89 at 5/20/2018 01:49 PM

Hello, i am a huge fan of the DC universe, and a fan of this game aswell.. but when i saw superman play.. i felt as tho he was.. like more of a flying around.. scared of fights guy, not Superman.

Heres what i think we can change about superman to make him be really superman.. like wonderwoman he can stay in the fight.

So we know there are 3 skills and a passive.
Passive- Superman will take flight after walking so much, his physical attacks are based off his health as per.. WE need to add "the man of steele" when superman's health is below 40% he gains extra armor and magic def(15 per level 225 max) and lasts 5 secs? some ranged attacks bounce off him to show the animation.. no shield.. just shiny and stuff bouncing off.

Skill 1- Superman has frost breath.. like lumbar its a cone... maybe a bit longer just like breath.. if u use it on the enemy at the edge of the skill.. it will freeze them for 1 sec.(or wtv)

Skill 2- Superman uses lazer to push back an enemy.(longer hold for longer push max 1.5secs) After the skill.. superman is locked onto that enemy for a certain time. If he pushes it again.. he will fly to the enemy and do a punch. (time should be like 5 secs) or wtv

Ult- Superman locks onto an opponent like max.. and fly to the opponent doing a knockdown punch.. enemies within an area of the punch are knocked back and take 25% of the main dmg. Allies in the area gain run speed for a few secs.

ok now heres an ALTERNATE thing if you really want to have superman have more skills..

Skill 1- frost breath turns into wind pull.. should be an area like cone.. to enable him to land a punch.
Skill 2- no change
ult- 3- i dunno.. he flies faster to the target.. and does 50% of the main dmg but to a bigger area??

Ok so to discuss some interesting things... 1.  if u use your lazer to push back the enemy.. u can put him far enough to use ur frost breath edge to freeze him in place (not as long as diochan's freeze.. thats crazy long)
2. You can push away a locked target.. and when he runs away to become by himself u can fly over there and punch him( should ahve a max range tho.. or you have to get in that range)

Here is a link that gave me some insperation.. but if theres like copyright laws.. delete this thread... and ill rewrite it without the link.. also please give me a warning before you do!!

HERE is the reasoning for the change,  Think about how cool it would be to have an all DC team... so far we have..
WW(wonderwoman) a fighter... done perfectly btw
Flash a mage/assassin
Joker for adc    (should change)
Batman an Assassin (not in NA servers yet)
SUPERMAN Tank/control or mobility

I also think that flash should be a physical dmg dealer assassin.. with something like every attack increases his passive movement speed.. right now superman flies around faster than flash.
Joker seems to have a lower range and is using throwing knives... He should be a mage.

If snyone else agrees with me please send me a message, a lot of people have been telling me about the superman dissapointment.
And i will make a Joker mage thread aswell soon.. if you would lik me to do that one let me know.
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/23/2018 13:42:48
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I think the tweaks to Superman would make him more in character. My biggest issue with him is the astronomical amount of damage he can dish out for a tank along with his high mobility. Since no numbers are given for the damage of his attacks I can’t really support or protest this change.

If you really want to make him more of the “Man of Steel” instead of “Bandit with Flight” consider making his movement speed buff work like Hermès Boots with a delay effect so that he is only buffed charging into combat (not running away or during combat).

Another idea:

Passive: Kryptonian
When outside of combat he will gradually gain speed (reduced from his current speed buff). Whenever he is damaged by a ranged basic attack there is a 25% chance it has no effect (damage and cc effects are nullified), otherwise the damage is reduced by 50%.

S1: Freezing Breath
Shoots a wave of frost that reduces the movement speed off all enemies in his path dealing 25/50/75/100/125/150 +(1/2/3/4/5/6% of his max Magical defense) Damage as magical damage. If an enemy is hit twice with this skill within 20 sec they are frozen for 1 second. 12 sec CD

S2: Laser Vision
Channels for 5 seconds and shoots laser beams from his eyes while channeling. All enemies hit take 10/20/30/40/50/60 +(5/7/9/11/13/15% of Superman’s missing HP) physical damage each seconds. Additionally all enemies hit are lit on fire for 3 seconds and take 10/20/30/40/50/60 true damage each second (this effect can be stacked up to 5 times). Superman loses flight when channeling and cannot change the direction of his laser when channeling (but he can still move). 17/16/15/14/13/12 second CD

S3: Super Hero/Saving the Day
Superman selects and ally. He flies his ally to spawn and returns to where the ally was with a 5/4/3 second delay (this is him flying to the ally and moving them to spawn). The ally must be within 2700 Units when he first initiates the skill. Upon returning to where the ally was he is invulnerable to everything (CC effects included) for 5/6/7 seconds and is restored to full HP.

What do you think? I can’t help but think of Superman more of the hero who flies in and saves the innocent person first before returning to fight the bad guy. I made sure to include numbers that should make him more of a tank and not steal Xeniel’s spotlight with his ultimate.
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