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To all the gunners out there...

Rongaulius| Rongaulius 5/3/2018 00:25:17
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Please realize that you are NOT God's gift to Mankind.  In fact...more often than not you kinda suck.  Badly.

Greetings from a somewhat embittered player, who has been stuck with one too many teams consisting of 2-3 ADC without enough tanks/warriors/mages.

I realize this is a somewhat unorthodox introductory post.  No matter.  There is a very simple point I would like to vent about:

Any team needs only ONE (1) marksman.  Period.  If that marksman is not you...

Too effing bad.

I refer only to ranked matches.  If it's Casual mode, well, nobody really cares; however in ranked mode, team balance is critically important.  Rest assured, you're NOT good enough to singlehandedly carry the team to victory.  Nor are you good enough to make up for an imbalanced team if there are three gunners and only one warrior and one tank.  If your teammates won't change, YOU do.  

Why?  Because you're ruining matches with your asinine determination to run the character you think you're good at.  You're not just losing your own matches; you're costing others losses as well.  And they don't appreciate it.

If that one gunner is the only character you can run effectively, don't play rank!  Practice with other heroes - I recommend tanks, as they force you to become a team player - until at a minimum you have three or four heroes you're comfortable and effective with.  In this way you'll not only be familiar with your own hero but will also have a much better idea of what heroes you need to be wary of.

Ugh.  I'm done now.


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Use magic

Rongaulius|  Author| Rongaulius 5/31/2018 07:05:57
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I think I'll like DM after a while, but I find partners too unpredictable (unless I'm squadding with the wife).

I think I've already mentioned that I'm a big fan of the Rock Shield for Lumburr and Chaugnar.  Don't often run many ranged heroes so haven't used their new item, and...I never used the Endure talent to begin with.  I'd rather use Purify and just escape; those talents had similar cooldowns, I believe, and to me it never made any sense to temporarily become immortal at the cost of abilities and mobility.  Though, I do tend to value mobility over other attributes, so that may have something to do with it.

That being said, the new Mage item doesn't strike me as being particularly dangerous just yet.  It does offer a decent Ability power boost, but in terms of passive abilities I simply don't see too many Magic Assassins equipping it with any good effect.  If anything, I think it's an item for a traditional Mage to use to use late in the game while in range of towers, to either defend against tower-bombing or else get in that last team-wiping/tower-killing shot.  Maybe I'll be convinced otherwise after seeing it in action, but I just can't see any good outcome from a mobility-based hero sacrificing their bread and butter for the sake of temporary survivability.

Yeah, I definitely agree Ignis really isn't anything special.  I think he's one of those heroes that I like for no particular reason, and because I like him I've messed with him enough that I've found a few ways to be at least moderately effective.  Ignis is certainly a less-powerful hero, but he's not inherently a team liability.  And while you're right about the combos, eh, I don't really notice.  Mainly because at 24 seconds, his Ult has one of the shortest CD's of any Mage.  Mganga and Veera both come in at 18 seconds, and Liliana's Ult CD is only 8s; however Liliana's Ult is more a mode-change than a damage-dealing attack, and Mganga's Ult is very far from being Mganga's defining skill.  Veera and Mganga's Ults are both limited by range.  Ignis doesn't have outstanding range on his Ult, but it's better than quite a few.  And it doesn't have to be channeled.

And.  If you use Ignis's S2 as your initiating attack, follow up with the Ult, and then use S1 to deal some more damage and escape, you avoid the True Damage loss because...his Ult takes 1s to actually fire, thus his Passive has time to trigger.

Again, I don't say any of this to extol Ignis as a hidden gem.  I do agree that he's not as strong as many other mages.  But when compared with other traditional mages, he's also not really very weak and he does have some surprising strengths.  His S1, for example, uses only 40 mana and has a 3s CD; only Ilumia and Liliana have S1's as low in mana cost, and Liliana's S1 has a 6-sec CD.  Once built, you can spam Ignis's abilities at ridiculous rates.  And even early on, you can fight for a long time without running out of mana.  Ignis's true strength, I think, lies in the overall low cost and CD of his skills, coupled with his mobility and CC.  Even though his Ult may not deal the most damage, you can fire it far more often than any other Ult that deals similar damage.  And his S1 can be used extensively early in the game without depleting mana too fast.

All that being, he's still not the most damaging hero.  I like him just because he's unpopular and not all that bad, and his abilities fit my playstyle very well.  I think that's all.  ;)

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Rongaulius|  Author| Rongaulius 5/28/2018 11:03:04
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The new update seems to have breathed new life into both Chaugnar and Lumburr.  Had a couple really good matches with each of them, each time using the new Rock Shield as one of the first pieces of gear purchased.  For those two heroes damage output really isn't a concern, so the Rock's damage-lowering doesn't hurt anything and activating the shield gives a massive survivability boost that can be the difference between survival and death.  After that item, for both heroes I built for CD and a bit of CC, followed by more defense and mana.  Worked like a charm.

Ignis isn't as glassy as other mages, really.  He's actually got quite good mobility thanks to his S1, and so if you build to reduce the already-low CD on that skill, he can be almost as fast as some Mage/Assassins.  I tried building for magic power; didn't work.  So I said to myself, "Self, let us try building for Magic Lifesteal to deal ALL OF THE MAGIC DAMAGE and become more durable!".  

That...also didn't work.  

So THEN I said to myself, "Self, what is Ignis actually good at?  His Passive puts Marks on targets and heals him.  None of his abilities have long CD times.  His S1 grants mobility and gives him a shield.  His S2 has CC and decent range.  His Ult deals only moderate damage and can be easily dodged, but it also doesn't require channeling...hmm."

Ignis is strong if you can predict where your enemies are going to go, and fire your S2 to that spot a split-second before they actually reach it.  Which stuns and marks them, setting the stage for both S1 and Ult.  No, neither one deals a ton of damage, but you're steadily chipping away at their HP.  Plus that S2 Stun and S1 speedup make it very difficult for enemies to chase Ignis down if he has to run; that gives Ignis a much better chance of surviving if ambushed, and thus improves his Poke ability.

Hence the build outlined above.  Items 1-3 improve Ability power, CD, HP, and the Apocalypse gives a massive power boost to Ignis's Basic attack (strong against Towers).  That build is good, but there's another one I really like as well:

Zweihander (Mana, Movement speed, Basic Attack deals Magic Damage, Attack speed)
Flashy boots (CD, movement speed)
Apocalypse (more Apility power, hence more overall firepower; CD speed, basic attacks buffed further)
Staff of Nuul (more CD, Magic Pierce)
Frosty's Revenge (The Passive of this item improves Ignis's CC, which makes it easier for him to deal damage)
Hecate's Diadem (Ability power)

That one doesn't have quite as much HP as the other build, but Basic attacks become still more powerful and Movement speed is improved.

Ignis doesn't have the sheer firepower of an Illumia or the mobility of a Lauriel or Tulen, but I think that in his own way he's a very capable mage who has more mobility than a traditional mage and more CC than a magic assassin.  Which translates to good ability to Gank early, and strong support ability in the late team fights.  His Ult is still easy to avoid, but if you trigger it immediately after S2 (before the S2 even lands!), you'll have no trouble hitting a Stunned target.  And in team fights, the large area of the Ult makes it easy to hit massed enemies who are being CC'd or are simply engaged with you teammates.

Seriously, try out the Rock Shield for Lumburr and Chaugnar.  I think you may like it.
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/26/2018 07:18:45
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Rongaulius replied at 5/25/2018 08:38 AM
Speed buff idea is brilliant.  There’s already one that applies after leaving combat, but it take ...

I’ve looked at the new update and I like what I’m seeing! They even buffed Azzen’Ka! I’m only skeptical about Maganga where it also ost seems more like a change in skill than a buff, but we’ll see.

Onto Ignis. I haven’t tried the build you have suggested, though I have had some fair success with him on my own (long before I began complaining about him).

I build normally:

Berith’s Agony
Flashy Boots
Frosty’s Revenge
Staff of Nuul
Hecate’s Diadem

Allows for some nice sustained damage early on and CC while setting up for heavy true damage later....if I can tag them. My biggest issue with him is that he seems comparablely underpowered from other mages I play.

My issues in order:

Passive - Why does this heal??? Healing a glass cannon role is really pointless and doesn’t exactly help against Assassins, mages, ADC, or tanks with burst....maybe I can use it against Taraa? Marks don’t last long enough.

Skill1- good mana cost, decent damage, speed buff is nice, why a shield? (Won’t complain). Wait, what’s this range? So outside of a lane I have the shortest attack ever. I mean seriously when you get outraged by Veera its sad. (Unless you have a convient Target nearby). I guess I don’t lose much mana missing with this attack.

Skill 2 - everything I want, AOE, damage, cc....except the AOE is smaller than Malroch or Wisps AOE attack and have similar if not weaker CC than both. It’s CD is painful and this skill alone can drain your mana....haven’t even reached skill 3.

Skill 3 - FIREWORKS!!!! It’s an illusionary light display for only 100+ mana!!! Wait. This is supposed to do damage? Maybe if they are marked or are ADC. Oh and they need to be pretty stupid to stand in the radius of the attack since all the playable hero’s are speed demons (Tulen, Superman, Flash, Lauriel, Liliana, Zephys, etc). Does no damage to tanks like Thane or Omega while they nicely murder me in return even if I marked them at point plank range with my 1st skill....

Ignis in a nutshell and everything I have issues with him.

Will get to Lumburr next time....I have a new update to try!
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/23/2018 13:06:14
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Rongaulius replied at 5/20/2018 07:18 AM
Krixi speed boost is an excellent idea.  If she was simply more mobile than other heroes, that would ...

Krixi is one of my more favorite mages since she introduced me to the world of SPEED BUFFS XD. A jungle speed buff would definitely be in character and will help give Krixi a bit of an edge against characters like Tulen and Lauriel who are currently strictly better.
Maybe make her ult give a temporary speed buff? Like the idea anyways.

Nakroth has a reason for not being played and that is it takes ALOT of talent, time, and practice to become DECENT at him and even more to master. Really Murad is like the 15.0 version of Nakroth....
For Nakroth if his Ult made him immune to everything (like Murads) and his 1st skill had a faster animation time I think he would be more playable. The biggest issue is Superman can out run him....along with a few other too OP hero’s.

Yes to Peura’s ult healing! It might actually be useful then!

Valhein I would suggest a minor buff like allowing him to shoot off his ult while using his basic attack. His greatest strength is his stun and being the only character who can get an invite stun if he is really lucky. For newer players his ult is a little tricky to handle so allowing it to fire without instructing his basic would help him carve out a niche as a point CC ADC.

Veera feels like an assassin when playing her. Her range is really short and while I have played against some good Veeras there ar also some bad ones. I think her bat attack deserves a little longer range so she doesn’t struggle to participate in heavy CC fights.

Gildur I have mixed feelings about. I think one of the suggested buffs would work (but not both). There’s already Raz giving people grief with a cc passive. I was going to suggest instead that he should get a large shield from his passive.

Astrid is a character that like Gildur I would want to see have a small buff. Since her passive has a high CD maybe make her have some healing too like WW. Then maybe someone can compete with WW for DS lane.

Illumia is a strong hero, but I think other mages currently steal the spot light a bit much. While she is strong in teamfights with her global effect she is a more “traditional” mage that can zoom across the map like Tulen, Lauriel, or Flash and unlike other mages who tend to pick up movement items like Maganga, Ignis, or Azzen’Ka Illumia tends to (as you said) focus purely on damage. This kind of traps her in whatever lane she’s in making the whole team more vulnerable to enemy teams ganking top/bottom for an easy tower. I was going to recommend an interesting buff for her and that’s her base normal attack is raised so she can deal more chip damage to enemy towers. That or allow her ult to damage towers since what are the odds the enemy is sitting next to their tower? (Admittingly I’ve only played Illumia briefly)

I’ve played Aleister numerous times and he is more of a support than a mage. He is nearly wholeheartedly dependent on teammates. While I don’t mind him being more of a CC focus support like Puera or Alice, his 2nd skill really does nothing of 90% of the game. If it even had a weak slow effect like Khali I would be happy.

Diaochan is a traditional mage that suffers for the same reasons as every other traditional mage, that being there are better mages. It would be nice if her ult also increased her magical defense since mostly its Mage vs Mage in middle and let’s be honest, it’s mostly ranged characters that damage Diao during her ult, not many people willing charge her ult.

Fennik is popular enough but kind of jungle dependent and really item dependent. I think if they lengthened his rolling skill by about 5-10% he will be more survivable without breaking the game.

Zill feels like Flash 0.5. I agree Zill needs something new that Flash doesn’t have. I think making his Passive give him 10% more gold upon killing an anything will allow him to speed jungle and build a niche that Flash doesn’t already dominate him in.

To add to the issues with Lumburr is that he is a joke of a tank. Giving his passive a minor over time healing effect that scales with level would be nice (this effect his himself and his shielded ally). Like 5-75 hp/1sec every second would make him more support-ish and valuable along with allowing him to be more survivable.

I think giving Lumburr buffing his allies defenses based off his Max Hp could create nasty combos with some already borderline OP hero’s like Murad and strong hero’s like Xeniel. If the scaling is too high, then Murad and other lightweight assassins can end up benefiting from a 50%+ damage reduction from Physical and magical damage (assuming the buff effect isn’t negligible).

That new S1 skills feels like it does more than some characters Ult (yes I’m looking at you Nakroth). Maybe get rid of the poison bit since Lumburr is more of a support/tank not Warrior/tank

S2 feels like a nerfed Aleister ability. Maybe just make it a terrain barrier effect so people need skills to get over it so that it’s strength matches the CD. That or maybe the CD should be 10s?

Buff Chargnar instead. I don’t want Lumburr to be going CC immune too. I think his present Ult just needs a mild Upgrade where instead of hitting in one straight line it branches out into 6 straight lines (one in every direction) and a short 1s stun effect added upon landing. I think this new S3 would be too strong/out of character and is almost reminiscent of Kilgroth’s Ultimate.

Yes to making Lumburr actually look like a tree. That or give him a promo skin when a player reaches lvl 30 that makes him look like a tree.

(Sorry for the late Response)
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Rongaulius|  Author| Rongaulius 5/20/2018 07:18:12
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Krixi speed boost is an excellent idea.  If she was simply more mobile than other heroes, that would make her far more useful.  Even if it was only a boost like Lindis gets in the jungle...she's supposed to be a forest guardian after all, so why not?

Dunno about Nakroth, never used him and rarely faced him.  Wonder

Peura's healing effect could be buffed for sure, and her Ult might as well be healing as well.  She deals NO fricking damage.  Might as well make the most of her healing capability.

I'd just as soon see Valhein and Veera stay the same.  I've seen far too many strong ones to be convinced of their need for a buff.  IMHO, YMMV.

Gildur's dash could be 100% longer and have 10% increased CD.  Give him ability to hurt enemies from further away.  Also...his passive ability takes forever to fire.  It should take about half as long, which would make him far better at halting enemy advances.

Mentioned Astrid in the other thread.  One of my favorites, and the first hero I purchased.  Wouldn't mind seeing her slightly stronger.

Illumia is actually my favorite mage.  I wish her Ult triggered faster, which could have the tradeoff of stunning for less time, but otherwise I find her to be quite powerful as-is.  She drains a TON of mana, but not too much to compensate for with a decent build.  Speaking of which, I tend to forgo any movement item and just go for power, lifesteal, and CD.  When fully built, she has over 2k Magic power and 30% CD redux to her skills.  Plenty of firepower to hurt the enemy very badly, especially in a team fight.  If she was much stronger, I think she'd be OP.

Haven't used Aleister, can't comment.  I find his CC to be irritating, but haven't fought him enough to have a worthwhile opinion.

Daiochan could use the ability to move, even slowly, while casting her Ult.  Even make her immune to CC while Ulting, though she could still take damage.  Or make it so that she casts the storm and then it remains in that one area for the duration, while Daiochan can move freely.  Maybe even have the storm slow down enemies.  Idk, maybe that would be a good fix?

Haven't used Zill or Fennik.  Fennik does seem to be fairly popular, and his S2 can be used on Towers (I LOVE heroes whose abilities damage towers!).  From what I've seen of him, I think he's another hero who will always have a very thin and easily-fudged line between balance and over/underpowered.  Zill...yeah, he's redundant and pointless now the Flash is a thing.  He needs a serious revamp.

Lumburr, lastly, IMHO needs a complete remodeling and reworking.  He's got no CC worth mentioning, drains mana dangerously fast, and his S1 and Ult take a comparative lifetime to fire (and are LAME when they do).  Actually thought about this one quite a bit:

New Passive:  Lumburr shields ALL nearby allies.  Shield blocks both Magic and Physical damage, proportional to Lumburr's max HP.

New S1:  Lumbur summons vines that ensnare an enemy hero, rooting them for up to 5s (ability must be channeled) and dealing 15-40 physical damage per second.  Enemy CC-ing Lumburr will interrupt this ability.  If rooted enemy is held for full 5s, they will suffer a poison effect upon release, suffering 125 True damage per second for 5s.  CD 10s.

New S2:  Lumburr summons a wall of trees to block enemy movement for 5s.  Any enemy using an ability to pass over/through the wall will be slowed 80% for 1.5s (does not apply to Talents).  Cooldown 15s.

New Ult:  Lumburr charges momentarily, then doubles in size and gaining 60/70/85% increase to current armor and magic defense.  Movement speed increases 15%, Lumburr’s nearby allies receive a 10/15/20% buff to their current armor and magic defense.  Lumburr’s physical attack increases 75% and gains knockback with every attack.  S1 cannot be triggered while in this form.  Triggering this ability will also remove all debuffs from Lumburr and grant him CC immunity for 2s.  Ability drains 25-30-40 mana per second and may be deactivated by using the ability for a second time after 5s have passed.  Cooldown 60s.

That kit gives him unique and useful abilities, making him a far better team fighter while also keeping his damage low and forcing him to rely on teammates for firepower.  

Oh, and make him look more like a tree.

Whaddya think?
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/18/2018 13:54:45
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Edited by From_Hell at 5/18/2018 02:36 PM
Rongaulius replied at 5/11/2018 09:20 AM
If they could cut down Superman's ability damage dealt, that would make I think a sufficient differe ...

I think art could use a little buffing since he is the first tank you start off with and is weaker than both Malroch and WW at his role. I agree he’s probably fine, but I wouldn’t mind something small like a 100-200 base Hp buff.

Taraa while unkillable is useless against an enemy team with any 2 sense. If they simply avoid targeting Taraa they can save her for later. While this may require the ADC or mage to buy 1 piece or armor, this is quiet manageable and Taraa being sidelined due to inability to draw attention is rather embarrassing considering she’s a tank. I was thinking of giving her a small cc effect by giving her 1st ability a short stun but slightly high CD so she can draw more aggro.

Kriknack is strong, but he doesn’t seem much like an assassin. When I play him, I need to buy a little on the tankier side and with assassins like Murad, Flash, and Liliana around Kricknack’s damage is dismal late game (by comparison). He just doesn’t seem to pack enough of a punch later game unless he is fighting a tank....and we all know to target the tank in team fights...
[Revision: Was being sarcastic in the last part. Kricknack’s Damage scaling to the amount of HP his opponent has with his 1st ability and his 2nd healing instead of mauling makes me feel he isn’t much of an assassin. I enjoy him as a character, but really I mostly end up playing him as a pure tank. You just don’t get that damage output that Fly or Raz has (or Wu Kong, or see above).]
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/18/2018 14:30:35
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Maganga needs to be able to heal himself more and teammates less, he is too dependent on friends early on and is only really useful really late in the game and most games end before then.

Azzen’Ka moves really slowly. Even with Hermès boots he seems to move slower than any other character I play. This could just be me, but it seems that the theme of Azzen’Ka is “slow”. He slows down opponents and all his abilities (sans his 2nd skill) take a second to go off. This limits his survivability and makes it so any to-bit assassin can take him out when alone and tends to isolate him to his lane when playing against really aggressive assassins. I would like to see his 1st skill’s animation trigger a bit faster or his base movement speed to increase a little bit (like by 10 or so nothing big). This could just be me loving Azzen’Ka as my favorite hero.

Jinnar is simply weaker than Mage/Assassins like Liliana or Lauriel. He has little to no evasion and is nothing without his ult. They made it so he is a bit tankier, but as a mage he needs to be able to deal damage in a 1v1 scenario. Most of his attacks are AOE based making him dependent on there being team fights (Azzen’Ka is too for that matter). Since he is a situational character like Azzen’Ka I think he needs to be able to do a bit more point damage. Maybe make his passive deal more damage. Unlike Azzen’Ka Jinnar also is seriously hurting in his range so upping the damage from his passive should help.

Krixi needs to be able to out run other characters. The appeal of Krixi when the game first came out was she was FAST. Now characters like her and Nakroth who lived off mobility are falling behind characters like Murad, Flash, Superman, etc. Krixi having a stronger CC effect could fix this. I was thinking more along the lines of the speed buff from her passive lasting a little longer or the speed buff was 45% instead of 30%. Her Ult can use a wider radius because it’s pretty darn useless most of the time.

Ignis has so many problems I don’t know where to begin. He is a vanilla “do everything” mage. He heals, creates shields, does true damage, stuns, gains movement buffs, and has classic AOE DOT damage attacks. This may seem strong but really all the effects are so weak that Ignis just becomes laughably bad. His abilities do absolutely nothing without his foes being marked and the mark lasts a whopping 2.5 seconds—half of which is the casting time for practically all of his abilities. In addition, his 1st skill has a puny range, 2nd skill has a small radius and his Ult is more of a warning/signal flare than a source of significant damage (since everyone simply steps out of it). Buffs for ignis can include: increasing the radius of his 2nd skill, decreasing the exorbitant mana costs of his 2nd and 3rd skills, decrease the delay between his ult appearing and dealing damage, increasing his damage from A.P. items, and/or increasing the time I which his victims are marked. Really, I think half the time a Grakk provides more CC and Damage playing as a mage than an Ignis does playing as a mage.

Omega is the but joke of tanks. He is more of a warrior than a tank... Can we see some (more) damage reduction effects on his skills? Because I’m pretty sure Astrid or WW have more damage reduction than Omega and they are classified as warriors.... I think it would be fair if his passive gave him (to scale) greater passive hp regeneration/5 sec. such as +(5 to75) hp/5 seconds as a basic attribute buff.

Nakroth is absolutely useless in team fights. Can we give him some of Flashes mobility and damage? Because seriously Nakroth is slower than the OP DC crowd (sans WW) and does less damage too (funnily enough only Flash is classified as an assassin). Generally compared to all other assassins Nakroth just doesn’t do damage. I was thinking giving his 2nd or 1st skill a purify effect so he can maintain his constant mobility and avoid cc like Kilgroth or possibly buffing the base damage of his skills since he is an attack speed based character making a damage increase from A.D. pretty useless.

Chargnar as mentioned before lacks either hp or mana. I was thinking more of increasing his base defenses or Hp by a little to give him more early game survivability but I wouldn’t mind his ult and 1st ability giving a small shielding effect that scales with A.P.

There are other characters that a buff would allow them to see the light like:

- Fennik
- Perua
- Zill
- Veera
- Valhein
- Aleister
- Gildur
- Diaochan
- Illumia
- Astrid
- Lumburr
- Etc....

(As you can see, I prefer buffing as to nerfing)
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/8/2018 21:08:26
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Rongaulius replied at 5/8/2018 07:12 AM
Yes, I was a bit irritated when I wrote that.  Had just come off a very rough string of losses, all  ...

I have seen this less and less thankfully. Another idea that I would like would for mages and certain tanks to get a major buff (Superman of coarse needs that debuff).

List of non-ADC who could use some love:
- Maganga
- Azzen’Ka (favorite character)
- Jinnar
- Krixi
- Ignis
- Taraa
- Arthur
- Omega
- Nakroth
- Kriknack
- Chargnar

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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/4/2018 18:00:23
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I do think there are players that do not pick their characters so much “for the good of the team” as for “IDK how to play any other character but this one”.  I speculate giving players an additional arcana page or two might help give more variation to what players learn to play, but I have no evidence for this.

I personally play Mage/Control or Warrior/Assassin and hate playing ADC/marksman. I think it’s a good advice  that players learn to play a character or two in each class before playing ranked. This can quickly be done by learning how to play 1 tank/warrior, 1 marksman, and 1 mage and is fairly manageable. Wouldn’t mind if they made it so players had to reach seasoned proficiency or medium proficiency in 1 tank, 1 warrior, 1 marksman, and 1 mage character before being able to play ranked.

P.s. were you angry/annoyed when you typed this message? While I think you have a point, this is a bit harshly phrased.
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Rongaulius|  Author| Rongaulius 5/8/2018 07:12:43
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Yes, I was a bit irritated when I wrote that.  Had just come off a very rough string of losses, all of which came about from having 2-3 gunners on my team and only one or less of them being of any use.  I dislike having my best efforts to support my team wasted by teammates who refuse to try to be helpful and only want to do what they want to do.  Again, not as much of an issue in Casual.  But in Rank?  Come on...the object is to WIN, not carry the team!

I think a simple way to fix (or at least lower the frequency of) issues like this would be to require players to reach Seasoned proficiency with any hero before playing Rank.  There'd still be the jerks who refuse to learn anything other than ADC, but at least they'd have a better idea what they were doing.  Or hopefully so.
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Rongaulius|  Author| Rongaulius 5/11/2018 09:20:26
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If they could cut down Superman's ability damage dealt, that would make I think a sufficient difference.  Force him to rely on gear for damage buffs, because at the moment his abilities deal a crap-ton of damage even without gear.

What sort of changes would you like to see for the listed heroes?  I'm going to politely disagree on Arthur, Taara, and Kriknak needing any buffs, but that may just be my opinion.  The others, yeah, they could definitely be stronger without hurting balance.  

Arthur, I tend to run more as a warrior than as a tank.  He's highly mobile and tough as a warrior but unimpressive as a tank.  IMHO, YMMV.  The most effective builds I've used for Arthur start with Blitz Blade, Sonic Boots/Gilded Greaves, and Frost Cape, in that order.  After that it's whatever suits the user's particular style.  Those first three items bolster his mobility, attack, and defense, and the Blitz Blade's passive ability helps make extremely quick work of minion waves.  Which stands Arthur in good stead when clearing lanes.

Taara...if you build for skill cooldown and HP regen, she's nigh unkillable when leveled.  I typically start with Spear of Longinus, then movement, then Frost Cape, and then Amulet of Longevity.  At this stage she's almost immortal, unless your team has been feeding the enemy.  Last two items your choice; I prefer Medallion of Troy and/or Shield of the Lost.

Kriknak, as far as I'm concerned, is possibly the strongest Assassin in the game.  "Possibly" because Murad is a thing and Batman will be a thing at some point, but Kriknak fits me better than any other assassin I've tried.  He's vastly more mobile than almost anything else, allowing him to engage and disengage pretty much at will.  He doesn't deal area damage like most other assassins, which means he's not quite as good at taking on massed enemy teams, but if you need to kill ONE enemy, Kriknak can do it faster than anything else.  Which makes him stronger than other assassins in the early game when teams are spread out.  Late-game, it's generally best if Kriknak waits in the brush and attacks after both teams are engaged; in that way he can jump (literally!) on distracted enemies, deal massive damage, and then retreat to do the same thing over again.  I wasn't impressed until the first few matches I used him, but then I was blown away.  I'm quite surprised there aren't more Kriknaks out there.

As far as the others, the only one's I've used enough to have any frame of reference are Omega, Chaugnar, and Krixi.  If they made Krixi's S2 stun enemies after they land, that would be a major improvement to her CC without making her too strong.  Chaugnar, just doesn't seem very durable to me.  And/or he uses mana too fast; when using his abilities he runs out of mana very fast, leaving him useless.  Maybe decrease his mana draw or increase his mana regen, as well as boosting his armor and resistance.  Wouldn't make him OP, as he still doesn't deal much in the way of damage and his CC is limited to his S1.  

Omega, I've really no clue why he's classified as a tank.  When built as one, he's laughably bad.  Much better choice I've found is to build him as a warrior.  When possible, I incorporate all three armor-piercing attack items (Spear of Longinus, Muramasu, Rankbreaker) and use the other three slots for movement and defense pieces.  Use the Disable talent and he makes a powerful tower killer.  Except, he needs good support to survive, and he seldom gets that because people think "Omega is a tank, won't be attacking, won't need support".  If they simply changed his classification to Warrior, or even designated him as a Tank/Warrior, he'd be far better off.

Again, that's my experience with him.
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From_Hell replied at 5/23/2018 01:06 PM
Krixi is one of my more favorite mages since she introduced me to the world of SPEED BUFFS XD. A j ...

Speed buff idea is brilliant.  There’s already one that applies after leaving combat, but it takes too long to activate and cancels as soon as you engage.  Perhaps Mages could have their own unique effect from the buff?  

Though, unless you exclude Mage/Assassin hybrids, that speed buff is just going to make them even more OP.  So that may not be the best option, after all.

Personally, I prefer to stay out of the Jungle unless I’m running a high-mobility, jungle-reliant hero such as Kriknak.  Building in the lanes takes more time, but since I run a lot of tanks and warriors its not like they’re great in the Jungle anyway.

I tend to run Valhein with a magic build, not physical.  Which has its perks and disadvantages, but one big perk is that building for CD is easy and allows spamming his S1/2 (almost).  Which further boosts his CC ability.  I think I’ve occasionally experienced the issue where his Ult or other abilities won’t fire while firing his basic attack, but I think it’s due to my own fatfingering more than to the character.  Still, not gonna lie; it’d be nice to be able to fire his abilities simultaneously to his basic.  Not like it would make him OP, especially given Joker, Violet, and Wisp are a thing.

I still dunno about Veera.  I think she’s another one where if you buff her too much, she’ll become broken really fast.  If her bat attack gets longer range, her S2 Stun duration should probably wear off quicker.  She’s a free hero after all, and she does have a crap-ton of single-target firepower even though her mobility is weak.  I think she’s just a high-risk, high-reward character who will have to rely on teammates to absorb damage for her while she dishes it out.

Yeah, got stomped by a team with an absurd Gildur yesterday.  I’m more inclined now to believe that I just suck with him.  I don’t think his passive will ever be comparable with Raz’s, since Raz’s slowdown lasts a seeming eternity whereas Gildur’s lasts for a fraction of a second.  I like the shield idea, though; he’s a tank, and only Grakk and Lumburr currently have passive shields.  Lumburr’s is pretty pathetic, too…  Maybe if Gildur’s passive fired faster and had decreased Stun effect, in conjunction with a longer dash and a shield (possibly weaker, to maintain balance) that lasted until broken?  Whaddya think?

Astrid…I’d guess the biggest issue I have with her is that she drains her mana so durn fast!  Unless she kills the Sage Golem, her reserves are depleted alarmingly fast.  Without her abilities, she’s toast.  Possibly decrease the mana drain of her S1 and S2, and increase mana usage of her Ult?

I don’t know if Illumia is really weak compared with other Traditional mages so much as all Traditional mages are currently weak compared with Mage Assassins.  Noticed in the game news that they’re lowering Ability CD for several Traditional mages in an effort to address this.  We shall see what happens.

Otherwise, however, I really like the idea of improving her offensive ability against towers.  That’s the biggest issue I’ve found, is that she deals negligible tower damage even late in the game, thus making it very difficult to push without support.  On the other hand, because of her lack of mobility, pushing solo really isn’t a good idea since she can’t outrun anything that chases her…

I’d be happy if they’d reduce the CC duration of Diaochan’s S2 and increased its firing time.  That requires greater precision on the part of the user but makes her much more serviceable if you can aim effectively.  Right now, her S2’s advance ring is basically a big warning sign to steer clear of.  Unless enemy heroes are otherwise occupied, I find it very difficult to actually hit anything with it.

At the end of the day Lumburr is still going to be a tank, so it’s not like there’ll be players lining up to play him.   Though I do see your point.  Okay, how about this:  Lumburr’s passive shielding and ally shielding is dependent on his own max armor and magic defense, generating a shield worth 10% of each that absorbs both Magic and Physical damage?

Yeah, I can see the Poison being too much.  Though I’d rather keep that effect, and remove or decrease the damage dealt over time by the S1.  The other thing to bear in mind is, forcing Lumburr to channel the ability does make him more vulnerable to coordinated counterattack.

Perhaps, however, this ability could be changed so that, if Lumburr loses more than 10% of his current HP after triggering this ability, he will automatically release his target while gaining a shield for 3s?  The target hero would be Rooted, not Stunned, so ranged heroes would easily be able to break Lumburr’s channeling and escape.  In which case, maybe keep the Poison so Lumburr has one ability that deals any damage.

Chaugnar, Kilgroth, and Astrid (among others) all have Ults that make them CC-immune.  The proposed Lumburr Ult would not allow him to remove CC from teammates; only himself.  Chaugnar would remain unique.


Suppose Lumburr’s (new) Ult CD was reduced to 10s and attack damage buff was reduced to 25%?  That way his damage dealt remains low but his CC improves drastically.  He can fire this ability pretty much as often as he wants, but since it’ll drain mana fast, he’ll either have to build for mana or else his Ult duration will be very limited.  And if he does drain all his mana, that leaves his S1 and S2 useless.  With this version of Lumburr, he’ll have to build for Armor and Magic Defense in order for his Passive to be of any use at all.  And because of the unique nature of his mana drain while Ulting, he’ll be forced to compromise between building for durability and building for mana capacity/regen.  He’ll either be unable to Ult for very long or else he’ll have no durability worth mentioning.

On another note, I’ve been playing Ignis a lot lately since getting him for free with the Valor Day promo.  After some initial failures, I’ve started to get the hang of him and have been having some fairly successful matches.  The build I’ve been using is:

Orb of the Magi
Flashy Boots
Staff of Nuul
Holy of Holies

That build allows for rapid-firing his abilities (which boosts mobility thanks to his S1’s passive) and boosts his Basic attack power early on.  Haven’t completed a lot of matches yet, but early results appear to be promising.  Going to try some variations on that build and see what can be seen.
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