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SuperHero| SuperHero 2/16/2017 05:29:41
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Want to interact with the development team directly and help spread the awesomeness of Strike of Kings? Become a part of one of our many player groups and contribute to the community! Your efforts won’t go unrewarded!


Here are one of the many following benefits you could receive as part of a player group.

· Official Exclusive Player Group Logo (Player Agents)
· Exclusive Invites to Special Fan Meetings
· In-Game Currency
· Strike of Kings Merchandise
· Special Access to the Devs
· Real Cash Rewards for the Best Content (Video Producers + Writers)
· Your Content Shared on Official Social Media Channels (Video Producers + Writers)

Read more about how to join these groups below:

Player Agents

As a Player Agent, you could help us and the community in several ways. You could be found on Facebook, YouTube the forum or other sites spreading goodwill and keeping everything in check. You would help us with any number of things, but you would make sure players feel the presence of the Strike of Kings team and make sure they receive the help they need. Your efforts would not go unrewarded though.

Player Agent Requirements:
· Account is at level 15
· Must be able to communicate with staff using WhatsApp
· Loves Strike of Kings and has a strong desire to help represent the team to the community
· Able to stay calm and friendly in any situation; enjoys interacting with other players
· Creative and able to come up with ideas on further engaging the community

European Conquerors Council (Core Players)

This group is comprised of the elite players of Strike of Kings, and thus they will help work with our developers further to ensure the game is fun and balanced for all players. Most likely, we would have contacted you, but if you’d like to be a part of this group, feel free to contact us. We will come to you with very specific questions on anything regarding Strike of Kings. You, as a part of the community Conquerors Council will continue to help shape the future of Strike of Kings.

European Conquerors Council Requirements:
· Account is at level 21 and has been active for at least 5 days a week
· Rank: Platinum+
· Arcana Level: 30+
· Have 15+ friends/guildmates
· Located in Europe or Turkey
· Other Game Experience (the more experience, the better!)
· LoL, DotA, other MOBAs
· GTA Series, H1Z1, Ark (at least one of these games)
· Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Game of War: Fire Age, Mobile Strike, Candy Crush (at least two of these games)
· Having experience as an active member of a forum is also a big plus!

Video Producers

A group of epic video producers dedicated to Strike of Kings, you’ll show what this game has the offer and delight and entertain the community as well as anyone who views these videos. Based on your level of editing skills and gameplay skills, you’d be able make two types of videos:

· Gameplay videos showing information/introduction/strategic use of our heroes and the game.
· Record general gameplay and add clever commentary or show an interesting aspect of the game.

Video Producer Requirements:
· For making strategic gameplay videos, your rank should be at Platinum+
· Must be fluent in English or Turkish
· Should be able to at least record video and add voiceovers
· Should be able to produce 2 or more videos each month
· Those that have a fan base are preferred


Use your skill with a pen (or computer or mobile keyboard) to weave words together into something beautiful to behold. These are all, of course, something related to Strike of Kings with a focus on education.

Writer Requirements:
· Rank: Platinum+ (the higher the better!)
· Able to write fluently in English or Turkish
· Able to edit an article and add images
· Able to finish a 1000-word article within 2 days and also create 2 articles a month

If you’d like to join any of these, please send an email to or fill out our Google Form here
If you decide to send an email, make sure you include the following:
· Real name
· In-game Name
· OpenID
· Account Details (Level + Rank)
· Why you think you should be a part of this group?
· Any evidence to show your skills (in-game screenshots, links to videos you’ve created or articles you’ve written, etc)

We are looking forward to having you join one of our groups!

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HaneBair| HaneBair 2/18/2017 11:43:38
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Great move SoK staff. I have made an application and I've spread the word for others to do the same.

Once you've finished your selection, can you please make an announcement or reply to all applicants? Because it would be nice to avoid people waiting for your reply.

Kind regards,

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Joseph| Joseph 2/21/2017 19:00:56
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HaneBair replied at 2/18/2017 19:43
Great move SoK staff. I have made an application and I've spread the word for others to do the same. ...

Hey Bair! So we received a ton of applications. Since they're for different player groups, I'm going through them individually and having different people verify the information contained. Some people also didn't include full application info, such as OpenID or game experience/video content examples.

I hope to send out an email to those who qualified for each group with next steps this week. Anyways, thanks for bearing with us on this.
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UltraVulture| UltraVulture 2/21/2017 03:08:47 From the mobile phone
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I was just wondering about the Player Agent, would a player agent need to be able to make youtube videos??
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Rens| Rens 2/22/2017 17:25:40 From the mobile phone
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Joseph replied at 2/22/2017 03:00
Hey Bair! So we received a ton of applications. Since they're for different player groups, I'm goi ...

hello joseph, i applied on the conqueror council and mod application ,still i didnt hear anything, im with bair and all the others guys from exe and we would like to make vids movies and builds for every member so they can become a better player, we are very active on the  facebook comunnity/forums   and we actualy feel a bit left out by u guys because we see people who actualy arent doing alot for the comunnity and game who'd already had mail to be apart of the sok family, we got serious plans for the feature and got great ideas to make the game better we would realy like to share them with u guys

Gr loki
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TrigoreFX| TrigoreFX 2/23/2017 03:48:55 From the mobile phone
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Hi, I have sent an email asking to become a player agent to become an asset to the S.O.K community. However I haven't received a response yet and was wondering if it is because I am underaged possibly? Would like to receive some kind of response take your time I don't want to be a nuisance. Thank you again for your time.
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HaneBair| HaneBair 2/23/2017 15:25:34
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Joseph replied at 2/22/2017 03:00
Hey Bair! So we received a ton of applications. Since they're for different player groups, I'm goi ...

Thanks for the response. I believe I've added everything, except screenshots. Do I need to add screenshots? Reason I didn't add is because I rarely play many of the games listed as they are a bit outdated by this time, and others because I've lost some accounts on others. Let me know.

Thank you.
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NihilGrimm| NihilGrimm 2/24/2017 08:40:40
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Be patient, young padawans
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Dracoom| Dracoom 3/3/2017 06:37:16
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Hi, I'm Dracoom, from Spain. I've experience in League of Legends, Crash Royale, Heroes of the storm, Hearstone and World of Warcreaft. I'm lv24, gold 2 in 2 weeks. I have a YouTube channel where I play Strike of Kings since 2 weeks ago.
Hablo tres lenguas con fluidez (catalán, castellano y gallego), tengo don de gentes, o eso me dicen, y mucho temple. Además de experiencia en este juego, tengo experiencia en otros muchos títulos, tanto MOBA como otras muchas categorías (shooter, estrategia, RPG, etc). Me encantaría pasar a formar parte del elenco de empleados, colaborando en la expansión del juego, y su comunidad, así como garantizando su mantenimiento fresco y repleto de buen rollo.
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MiseryPrison| MiseryPrison 3/5/2017 13:49:31 From the mobile phone
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Simple question regarding the "European council" or whatever it should be called.
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