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Game lags so bad during battle

Samo_Krose| Samo_Krose 4/14/2018 14:14:25 From the mobile phone
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Yeah same here i have the same problem the issue is when im in the lobby i can see the connection is green around 60 , 75 but soon i hit play and game start goes around 380 i have spend like 200$ an di can’t even enjoy however contact the customer service after long time talking once they figured out i live in senegal dakar africa they said oh we dont have server there not sure when they are planing and they dumbed me. Al though i play mobile legend with. No problem at all. No lag nothing. I don’t know what to do  Oh and it is not android or ios both same i have iphone 7 plus so.

How ever i hope this money i paid give some motivation for them to go ahead and do something for god sake

Check picture below my ping is 67 and soon i get inside the game start spikes lag so frustrating really.

Have anyone find a solution or anything?
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From_Hell| From_Hell 8/3/2018 22:42:52
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Only advice I can offer is play when the weather is clear, your using private WiFi, and secure internet. I notice the lag spikes too but often times they only set my skills about 0.5 - 1 sec behind at worst. Weather is the simplest thing to work around since buying your own router and setting up your own private WiFi is an economic venture that could take a few hours to a day (possibly longer if you are counting on shipping and what not).

When it’s raining for me, lag spikes go from a mild but bareable annoyance to inhibiting game play. If it’s clear skies, I find it works much smoother with spikes that I barely even notice (often times I don’t notice).

Lastly, I recommend you play well near your router or in as close a proximity as you can (while still being about 5 feet away). As players there’s nothing we can really do from the programmers side of things but these tips are kind of helpful with the lag spikes.

Hope this helps!
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crybloodwing| crybloodwing 8/7/2018 18:27:17
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Edited by crybloodwing at 8/7/2018 06:28 PM

Similar problem here on iPhone. It is not lag exactly, more like it takes multiple tries to move my character, and sometimes they stop moving even when I am still holding down on the wheel.

I have died many times because of this. Took me 4 tries once to move my character out of the tower....and I was not frozen, stunned, or anything.
It is almost like the sensitivity is very low....or not working at all. Especially when trying to go to the left.
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