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3 new Champion concepts

Anthony_Cao| Anthony_Cao 2/10/2018 14:53:37 From the mobile phone
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Okay i feel that arena of valor needs more ways to play... And alot more comedy... Needs to be less tense to say... Sooo here are 3 champion concepts to provide comedy and fun.

Hagfish the Senile of the Sea
Lore - once a beautiful syrin of the seas, she used to lore men to her cave to serve her many needs... So she says, but the actual thing that everyone is thinking of is how did a granny get in the midst of a battfield?

Passive: Spoils of Lemon Party
Every 30 seconds Hagfish will mark a large AOE puddles that slows enemies movement speed by 10% and deals 1% health damage per second... Maximum of 3 puddles at once when a 4th spawns the first despawns

First ability - Syrins Kiss
Hagfish will kiss an enemy, doing so lowering their attack and dealing damage over time (they going to puke their health)

Second ability - Snapper Pool
Turns her puddle into a Snapper Pool, Causing a Snapper Catshark minion to spawn every 5 seconds attacking the nearest enemy, structure, or jungle camps.
(They have health and gives the enemy 10 gold on kill)

Third ability - Bepht Sea
Creates a Red Puddle dealing massive damage on direct spawn and entry to enemies... Lowering enemy attack damage and movement speed.
Casting Snapper Pool on Bepht Sea will spawn Rabied Snappers (Snapper with 2x health and grants 15 gold)

Lore - Imaginary Robotic Ghost Friend, from dead mother, very hip hoppy... Use your imagination. Huehuehue CaeCae bizzare journey type theme

Passive: Kate Tears
Carolyn will have a second character following her called Katey. Katey will basic attack for Carolyn because Carolyn cannot basic attack... They both will have a shared maximum health. Carolyn takes 25% more damage and Katey will take 25% less damage... Players control Carolyn for movement and Katey will follow Carolyn.

Ability 1: I Liked It
Carolyn and Katey will create a fire current between each other. Stays in map for a few seconds and deals damage over time.

Ability 2: Hot and Cold
Katey will toggle between Red and Blue mode... By default Gray until the ability is unlocked then Blue.
Blue form Carolyn Basic attacks slows enemies movement speeds and has a cone AoE
Red form Carolyn Basic attacks deals fire damage over time

Ability 3: So you want to Play with Magic?
Katey turns into a Horse and Carolyn rides Katey... Increase Carolym movement speed of up to x2.
Passively increase allies health regen of nearby allies by 200%/300%/400%
In this form Katey cannot attack or use any abilities. Using another ability will turn her normal.

Unkleer - Penetrater of the Mindhole
Lore - no one knows what Unkleer is, or where did he came from, but his motives is clear... Oh wait... Hes chasing a butterfly.

Passive - Eye in The Sky
Any allies on Unkleer screen view will gain 20% more attack power, Magic power, and 200% more health regen.

Ability 1 - Nest
Unkleer will go to sleep mode, pressing 1 again will disable sleep mode.
During Sleep mode Unkleer will spawn Unions Warrier out of him every 5 seconds. The Unions will proceed to the nearby lane and act like minions

Ability 2 - Totem Becon
On the Screen view of where Unclear is looking Spawns a Totem Becon at the center... Allies must have field of vision for a Totem Becon to spawn.
The Totem Becon upon landing will spawn 2 Union Beast
Allies near the Beacon will gain increase attack speed and health regeneration.
Totems have health and will only go away if destroyed. Totems grants vision

Ability 3 - Moon of Cheese.
Place a copied Nest at a location. ( Unkleer has to be physically at the giving location to place his desired 2nd nest)
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Use magic

HarveySpecter| HarveySpecter 2/11/2018 02:43:37
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Wow! I enjoyed reading this and frankly speaking, I can imagine those heroes kick arse in the arena!

Well done! You should write lores like "fan-written lores about heroes"

keep it up!
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Use magic

Anthony_Cao|  Author| Anthony_Cao 2/11/2018 11:00:41 From the mobile phone
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HarveySpecter replied at 2/11/2018 02:43 AM
Wow! I enjoyed reading this and frankly speaking, I can imagine those heroes kick arse in the arena! ...

Lore is something i can dooo, thank you.
I actually had fun writting these.
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