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Become an Arena of Valor Content Creator!

ZAEF| ZAEF 5/5/2018 08:54:50
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A Swedish Twitch streamer playing on EU, mostly play on DS lane and educate people who are interested in that role focusing on objectives and when to prioritize objectives over fights, micro gaming and pressure. Experienced MOBA player played League of Legends since 2014 mainly top lane.

Twitch :
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Kaiszera| Kaiszera 5/5/2018 12:01:11
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Brazilian Arena of Valor Content Creator

Edited by Kaiszera at 5/5/2018 12:09 PM

Hello Arena Of Valor Team,

My name is Lucas, a.k.a. Kaiszera, and I started a few months ago my YouTube channel to make Arena of Valor content. The main focus of my channel is to cast friendlies, cups, championchips and everything related to the AOV's competitive scenario. I work together with an analist, Lauro Firmo, who has advanced knowledge of the game. We study together to bring the best casting experience for the Brazilian community, and the hard work just started paying off by reaching thousands and thousands of visualizations in my channel. We're aware that we have a lot to improve, but we also believe in our potential and have no fear to claim that we're on the top class of the brazilian casting. Also, I have a decent "e-sports layout" for our transmissions, that are made in 720p HD quality. I started making live streams as well, playing ranked games and bringing the news of the game, like upcoming champions, patch notes, announcing championships and, the most unique part, interviews with the brazilian professional players, so the community can know them better and ask em' anything they want to clarify their doubts.

So, here is the link for my channel:
Here is one of my interviews:
And here one of my championship's live casting:

If you guys have any question, don't hesitate to contact me:
I lived in the US for about 2 years and my english is pretty fluent... even though I probably made some grammar mistakes writing this little resume. xD

Hope I have the opportunity to work together with you.
Sincerly, Kaiszera.
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infamoussgaming| infamoussgaming 5/5/2018 15:13:44 From the mobile phone
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Hello to everyone in this thread I would like to say i really appreciate to see this today while i was watching the Valor Series stream and honestly soon as i saw it i took action. A little about myself I am a twitch streamer i stream alot of Arena of Valor and since i started streaming it mt channel has grown a good some plus i'm also an illustrator too. Anyways i do believe this is a great opportunity for streamers especially for channels my size working their way up to affiliate and beyond. I may or may not get picked, but i really do appreciate you guys reaching out to the community to do this!
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