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August 10 Maintenance + New Version Release Notes

NashHero| NashHero 8/7/2017 06:37:11
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Edited by NashHero at 8/8/2017 11:09

Brave Challengers:

The official Arena of Valor server will be taken down for maintenance in preparation for our new version on August 10. The specific amount of time this will take will depend on the progress of the update. During this time, you will be unable to log on to the official server.

Warning: The original Guild Shop will be removed, and all Guild Gold owned by players will be reset to zero. Please spend all your Guild Gold before August 10. After the new changes are applied, we will compensate each player who has ever joined a Guild with 3 random 12-hour Hero Trial Cards in the new version. Enjoy!

Based on gameplay data in the previous version, we have made various gameplay balance changes affecting heroes and equipment and also added new battlefield features and mechanics. These changes should provide an even more enticing yet balanced battlefield for all players in the new version!

We have also made some optimizations over multiple system features outside the battlefield including team formation, guilds, and the chat system. We hope that the improvements in the social experience in the game will create a better overall social environment. It should be pointed out particularly that the Ranked Match and Room modes in the new update now have a ban/pick mechanic - extremely common among eSports games worldwide. Log on and experience all of the new things we have in store for you!

                                                                                  [List of Changes in the New Version]
1. Hero Balance Changes

The Great Warlord - Lu Bu
Some comprehensive adjustments have been made in terms of the feel of Lu Bu’s first ability. In addition to a reduced cooldown, Red Stallion can now go through obstacles.

Ability 1: Red Stallion

Cooldown Time: 12/11/10/9/8/7 → 10/9.4/8.8/8.2/7.6/7
New Mechanic: All three waves of his attack can go through obstacles.

The Crystal Lotus - Diaochan
The control effect from Diaochan’s first ability has been strengthened, and the root effect triggered by the marks will prevent enemies from running away.

Ability 1: Chilling Frost

Removed Mechanic: The additional 80% slowdown effect when the frost marks are triggered has now been removed.
New Mechanic: A new additional 1 second root effect when the frost marks are triggered has now been added.

The Frenzy - Ormarr
Ormarr’s first ability cast time has been reduced to provide an overall smoother gameplay experience.

Ability 1: Unstoppable

Ability Improvement: Unstoppable’s cast time has been reduced to make it feel smoother.

The Monkey King - Wukong
The bonus damage from Wukong’s passive has been adjusted to a more manageable level.

Passive: God of War

Damage: (230+hero level*10)(+1.4AD) → (330+hero level*14) (+1.0AD)

Death's Whisper - Butterfly
The base damage on Butterfly’s Whirlwind and Backstab has been increased, reducing her dependence on equipment.

Ability 1: Whirlwind

180/220/260/300/340/380 (+0.65AD) → 225/275/325/375/425/475 (+0.5AD)

Ability 3: Backstab

Damage: 450/640/830 (+1.6AD) → 525/775/1025 (+1.35AD)

The Dark Knight - Batman
Batman’s ganking ability has been improved by reducing his ultimate’s cooldown while the experience of using his second ability has been improved.

Ability 2: Batarang

Improved Overall Experience: The width of the ability’s effect, as well as its flying speed over its trajectory, have both been increased.

Ability 3: Dark Knight

Cooldown Time: 40/35/30 → 36/30/24

The War Hammer - Taara
The slowdown effect of her first ability has been reduced in its early-to-mid stages. Its slowdown effect will now increase according to the ability’s level.

Ability 1: Colossal Smash

Slowdown Effect: 60% at all levels → based on the ability’s level (30/36/42/48/54/60)%

The Hotshot - Yorn
The damage from his ultimate has been increased, which should help Yorn take out his opponents in conjunction with using his ultimate.

Ability 3: Heart Shot

Base Damage: 300/375/450 (+1.23AD) → 300/400/500 (+1.23AD)
Execute Damage: 6%/8%/10% HP in magical damage against the target based on the ability’s level → 10% HP at all levels

The Gilded - Gildur
The cooldown on his second ability has been appropriately reduced so that Gildur can play a little more aggressively.

Ability 1: Siege

New Mechanic: The next normal attack after he uses his ability will trigger a Midas Touch.

Ability 2: Extravagant

Cooldown Time: 12/11/10/9/8/7 → 10/9.4/8.8/8.2/7.6/7

The Merciless - Maloch
The shielding effect provided by his second ability is now even stronger.

Ability 2: Souleater

Removed a Maximum Shield Value: 5 → 4
Maximum Shield Value:
775/1075/1375/1675/1975/2275 (+2.3AD) → 800/1100/1400/1700/2000/2300 (+2.4AD)

The Scarabim - Kriknak
Accurate usage of Kriknak’s second ability will keep him surviving even longer in the middle of battle.

Ability 2: Horn Rush

HP Regeneration for Every Hero Hit:
100 (+0.2AD) at all levels → increases according to the ability’s level by 150/200/250/300/350/400 (+0.2AD)

The Trustworthy - Slimz
His flying spear can now deal up to double damage to enemies.


Movement Speed: 3400 → 3500

Ability 1: Flying Spear

New Mechanic: Damage increases with distance flown up to a maximum of 200%
Damage Type: Magic Damage → Physical Damage

The Wanderer - Murad
Murad’s basic attributes have been adjusted slightly for further balance.


Basic HP: 3123 → 2968
HP Growth: 231.1 → 180
Base Armor: 90 → 98
Armor Growth: 17.2 → 18.6

The Pandharma Master - Zuka
His first ability’s cooldown time has been increased while lowering its base damage in order to reduce his powerful early game laning and solo killing capabilities.

Ability 1: Pain on a Stick

Damage: 175/210/245/280/315/350 (+0.75AD) → 130/160/190/220/250/280 (+0.85AD)
Cooldown Time: 9/8.4/7.8/7.2/6.6/6 → 10/9.2/8.4/7.6/6.8/6

The Herald of the Void - Chaugnar
Reduced the magic bonus on Chaugnar’s first and second abilities to better suit his support role.

Ability 1: Energy Surge

375/450/525/600/675/750 (+0.69*AP) → 375/450/525/600/675/750 (+0.64*AP)

Ability 2: Shockwave

300/360/420/480/540/600 (+0.4*AP) → 300/360/420/480/540/600 (+0.35*AP)

The Illest - Preyta
Reduced the additional movement speed effect from Preyta’s ultimate.

Ability 3: Disciple of the Plague

Movement Speed Increase: 25% → 15%

The Dragoon - Zanis
Zanis has been further improved to increase both his ability to harass and survivability.

Ability 1: Blood Wyrm

Cooldown Time: 12/11/10/9/8/7 → 9/8.6/8.2/7.8/7.4/7

Ability 3: Dragon's Wrath

Knockback Time: 0.2 → 0.5
Evasion Effect: 15% → 20%

The Messenger of Elysium - Zephys
Both the base damage, bonus damage and HP regeneration of Zephys’ second ability has been increased, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Ability 2: Death's Flurry

Damage: 80/90/100/110/120/130 (+0.35*AD) → 95/105/115/125/135/145 (+0.4*AD)
HP Regeneration: 28/32/36/40/44/48 (+0.12*AD) → 35/39/43/47/51/55 (+0.14*AD)

The Pixie - Krixi
Krixi’s passive and ultimate have both been improved, increasing her ability to move around the battlefield and position herself properly for an effective ultimate.

Passive: Flutter

Movement Speed Increased: 25% → 30%

Ability 3: Moonfall

Damage: 260/325/390 (+0.65AP) → 275/350/425 (+0.65AP)

The Demon Hunter - Valhein
We anticipate better results from Valhein with his enhanced mobility granted by his improved passive.

Passive: Pocket Glaive

Movement Speed Increased while in Hunter State: 8% → 10%

Mobile Bastion - Toro
Toro’s weak early-game laning performance was to a great extent a result of the high mana cost of his abilities, thus affecting his ability to harass. We’ve reduced the mana cost of his first and second abilities in hopes of improving his early-game presence.

Ability 1: Bull Rush

Mana Cost: 100/105/110/115/120/125 → 80/90/100/110/120/130

Ability 2: Battlecry

Mana Cost: 80 → 50

The Reaper Queen - Mina
A shortened cooldown time and reduced mana cost on Mina’s first and second abilities will help her with her early-game presence.

Ability 1: Whirling Scythe

Mana Cost: 80/85/90/95/100/105 → 75/80/85/90/95/100
Cooldown Time: 10/9/8/7/6/5 → 8/7.4/6.8/6.2/5.6/5

Ability 2: Death Scythe

Mana Cost: 100/115/130/145/160/175 → 100/110/120/130/140/150
Cooldown Time: 14/13.4/12.8/12.2/11.6/11 → 12/11.4/10.8/10.2/9.6/9

The Anointed One - Ignis
There has been a slight increase in the damage dealt by Rain of Fire, his second ability, as well as the duration of the slowdown effect.

Skill 2: Rain of Fire

Damage: 100/130/160/190/220/250 (+0.35AP) → 110/142/174/206/238/270 (+0.4AP)
Slowdown: 50% → 30%
Slowdown Duration: 1.5 → 2
Cooldown Time: 13/12/11/10/9/8 → 12/11/10/9/8/7

2. Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug where the damage from Skud’s second ability wouldn’t increase.

2. Fixed a bug where Nakroth’s second normal attack after using his second ability, Death Sentence, would get slowed down.

3. Fixed a graphical bug with Cresht that occurred under certain conditions.

4. Adjusted the ability display for all heroes so that the effects shown will now correctly match up with their actual ranges.

5. Adjusted the arcana recommendations for several heroes.

3. Equipment Balance Changes

Orb of the Magi

Unique Passive - Bide

HP obtained every 30 seconds: 80 → 110


Unique Passive - Flame Magic

Damage per second caused to nearby enemies: 60 → 90

Amulet of Longevity


Max HP: 1800 → 1700

Unique Passive - Longevity

Max HP Increased: 12% → 10%

Medallion of Troy

Unique Passive - Blessed

Shield Cooldown: 15 → 18
Damage absorbed by shield 300+hero level*60 → 300+hero level*50

Fafnir's Talon


Attack Speed: 45% → 30%
New Effect: Life Steal +10%

Death Sickle


Price: 1960 → 2070

Unique Passive - Divine Intervention

Duration: 1 second melee/0.5 ranged → 1 second for both

Hermes' Select


Price: 790 → 630
Removed Unique Passive: +35% Resistance

Unique Passive - Swift

Increased movement speed after exiting battle: 45 → 60

Gilded Greaves


Added Unique Passive: +35% Resistance
Removed Unique Passive: Magic damage taken reduced by 10%

Enchanted Kicks


Price: 750 → 790
Added Unique Passive: +75 Magic Pierce
Removed Attribute: +40 Ability Power
Removed Unique Passive: +10% Magic Pierce

War Boots


Price: 710 → 660

Loki's Curse


New Effect: +400 Max HP
Removed Attributes: +25 mana regenerated every 5 seconds

Unique Passive - Seek and Destroy

New Effect: +30 maximum mana with every monster killed. Effect will stack up to 15 times.

Recommended Equipment Adjusted

We have adjusted our equipment recommendations for certain heroes: Murad, Valhein, Skud, Taara, Nakroth, Fennik, Zuka, and more due to the equipment changes.

4. Battlefield Changes

1. The Fortune Cuora in the waterway in Antaris Battlefield has been removed and replaced by The Seagle. You will gain the line of sight of an eagle spirit after slaying The Seagle in order to scout out the local jungle area.

2. A name display has been added above the health bar for the Dark Slayer, Abyssal Dragon, Spirit Sentinel, Might Golem and Sage Golem in Antaris Battlefield.

3. The 3v3 Flatland Battlefield has been greatly optimized for faster gameplay and an overall more exciting experience.

4. The positioning of the brush and regeneration runes in the casual 5v5 Abyss Canyon has been adjusted.

5. The pace at which gold and EXP is accumulated in Antaris Battlefield as well as the attributes of the towers have been optimized for better integration with other regions worldwide.

5. System Improvements

Guild Improvements

1. You can request a Hero Trial Card from other members of the Guild after joining. Players with a Hero Trial Card will be able to gift it to the member requesting it.

2. All members of a Guild can increase the Guild’s Activity Points by taking part in Standard PvP Matches or Ranked Matches after joining. The system will distribute the rewards to the members at 05:00 server time every Monday based on the total Activity Points the Guild has earned that week. The more Activity Points earned for that week, the greater the rewards.

3. You are now able to send your Combat History for a particular match to all members in the Guild Chat channel after joining the Guild, and other members will be able to react to what you’ve shared!

4. The Guild Captain now has the power to set the requirements for joining a Guild (such as the level or region required). Players that meet these requirements will be able to join directly without having to be reviewed first.

5. You will now be able to view the data across different types of Rankings for the members in the Guild in addition to viewing Rankings data related to friends or all players.

Improved Ranked Matches

1. The Ranked Co-op feature in Ranked Matches has been changed to Ranked Multiplayer and supports forming teams for Ranked Matches for 1-3 players.

2. When those belonging to the losing team in a Ranked Match drop or play very poorly, the other members on that team who continue to play normally will receive additional Brave Points.

3. A ban/pick mode has been added for Custom Matches as well as Diamond Ranked Matches or above.

Chat Related

1. A new regional chat channel has been added so that players can join chat rooms in any region they please.

2. The world chat channel will now display an icon representing the player’s rank.

Team Related

1. You are now able to send a form team request from the form team interface to the World Channel/Regional Channel/Guild Channel to make it easier to set up teams with other players. Other players will be able to join the team by clicking on this message.

2. You will now be able to see a number when creating a room that corresponds to that room. Other players can now join directly after searching for this number.

3. Players will be able to Quick Chat with each other after entering a room.

4. If you forget to choose a hero before the game starts, then the system will select the hero you are the most familiar with by default.

Friend Related

1. You will now be able to view the number of times you have formed a team with different friends and your win ratio from your friends list.

2. You will be able to send messages to your Facebook friends through sending team information from the team interface, and these friends will be able to tap on the message to join your team directly from their corresponding app.

3. Added a Rankings display on the right side of the main menu.

4. You are now able to select a reason for the invitation when issuing a form team invite to other players. Whoever is invited can choose not to receive another invitation message from the same player within the next 5 minutes.

Sharing Related

1. The background picture shown when sharing final battle results will differ based on the hero used by the player.

2. Players can now repeatedly share heroes and skins they have obtained from the hero information interface.

Quest System

1. New player quests added. New players can now receive designated heroes for every 3 battles they take part in up to a maximum of 2 heroes every day.

Skin System

1. A Skins Awakening feature will be activated soon (only certain skins will have this feature). Players will be able to upgrade certain skins by completing designated quests or by collecting items. Not only will the skins’ appearance change, but Recall and Ability effects will also change with every upgrade!
New Facebook Login Changes

In addition to the original login mode, we added a new Facebook login. The following benefits are for those who use thenew Facebook login feature only:

1. Using the Facebook login feature, you can see which of your Facebook friends are also playing AoV.

2. You’ll be able to directly use your Facebook profile picture as your Arena of Valor profile image.

3. You’ll be able to directly send an invitation to your friends to form a team to play together, and friends can join you directly by clicking on the Facebook message.

4. You’ll be able to see your friend’s Ranking information.

5. You’ll be able to log in game with the same account on different mobile devices (only log in on one mobile device at the same time though).To bind your Facebook account, after entering the game, go to Friends and Settings to bind. Once you bind your account to Facebook successfully, you can use Facebook to log on.

Please Note: You cannot unbind with Facebook once you bind your account. Most importantly, using Facebook to log in Arena of Valor can help make your game account more secure!

Other Content

1. Added a livestream feature. At the moment, it is only available for Android phones capable of playing 60 frames a second to ensure an excellent livestream experience (it will gradually become available for a wider range of phones as it is optimized).

2. Optimized the in-game look for iPads (for an improved perspective).

3. A remaining battery power display has been added in the main menu and battle screens.

4. A map guide has been added where you can view current map info as well as recent changes from the mode selection page.

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暴走小王子| 暴走小王子 8/8/2017 20:38:06
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Well i just want to know Arena of Valor North America release in your plan or not?
Now we all deal with high ping playing EU Server.
Also if NA Server is up our data will be saved or start over again?
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NashHero|  Author| NashHero 8/8/2017 23:50:41
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Hey there! Us is one of our highest priority markets. We're really looking forward to launching Arena of Valor in US, and we are trying our best to polish our game before its final release. We will make an announcement once we have a set date for the release. Please stay tuned! ;)
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Vex| Vex 8/7/2017 08:10:19
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nice balance changes Kappa LuL
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暴走小王子| 暴走小王子 8/9/2017 00:10:11
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NashHero replied at 8/9/2017 07:50
Hey there! Us is one of our highest priority markets. We're really looking forward to launching Aren ...

Thank you very very much for comfirmed this awesome GOOD news!
Keep it up the hard work we are looking forward to NA release!
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Envisi0n| Envisi0n 8/9/2017 15:22:07
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Any plans to lift the gold gap that you can earn throughout the day or will this be a permanent feature? This is turning a lot of people away from your game as it prevents the progress of people that invest more time than that 6-8 games that takes you to the gap.
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Newbi| Newbi 8/11/2017 09:56:09
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I just downloaded game yesterday, i rushed many games to get free champions offered from the boxes when you complete like 3 games.
Since the update today, champions order have been changed, so I'm gonna get 4 champions I already have once more ?
This doesn't sound fair and logic to me ...
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Newbi| Newbi 8/11/2017 10:04:43
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Anyway I was playing at Arena of Valor chinese version when I had the chance to be in Beijing for a while, I really loved it, the European version's graphism isn't like chinese one which is really awesome, I miss this.
But the work on champions to retrieve the same champions with same skillset as chinese version is huge, I can recognize every champion from chinese version, the best is that you guys tried to find another  name for each champion to adapt to european culture instead of chinese one and i really appreciate it
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