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7/18-7/24 Free Hero Rotation

Joseph| Joseph 7/17/2017 01:01:26
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Every week, we have SIX HEROES for you to try out for free! This week's lineup: Nakroth, Yorn, Mganga, Natalya, Gildur and Ormarr!


Dread Judge (Passive) - Every 4th normal attack knocks the target into the air.  Each time an ability hits the enemy, Nakroth gains 50% attack speed.
Jury Fury - Nakroth lunges forward and knocks the target into the air, dealing physical damage. The ability can be used again within 5 seconds before starting the full cooldown.
Death Sentence - Nakroth flips backwards and the next normal attack within 3 seconds becomes a horizontal sweep that deals physical damage.
Judgment's Blade (Ultimate) - Nakroth swings his blades, dealing physical damage each hit, with the last hit knocking enemies into the air. Nakroth is immune to control effects while performing this ability.


Fierce Shot (Passive) - Every 5th consecutive normal attack triggers a burst of arrows, each one dealing physical damage.
Explosive Arrow -  Yorn shoots an explosive arrow that deals physical damage and slows the enemy's movement speed by 65% for 2 seconds. Yorn's next normal attack becomes a burst shot.
Heavenly Barrage - Yorn calls down celestial arrows that deal physical damage to a random enemy within its range every second. Yorn's next normal attack becomes a burst shot.
Heart Shot (Ultimate) - Yorn shoots an arrow that deals physical damage plus magic damage equal to 6% of target's lost HP. Yorn's next normal attack becomes a burst shot.


Voodoo (Passive) - Normal attacks and skills carry a continuous poison effect that deals magic damage and adds 1 Voodoo Mark (up to 5 stacks) to enemy heroes.
Toxic - Mganga creates a poisonous cloud that slowly spreads and deals magic damage for 4 seconds and slows the enemy's movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds.
Fortunate Gift - Mganga hurls magic projectiles, causing magic damage to all enemies hit. All allies hit will instead receive a healing mark that recovers HP.
Detonation (Ultimate) - Mganga sets off explosions that deal magic damage to all nearby enemies and heal allied heroes. Marked allied heroes gain 50% additional healing per stack and marked enemies take 50% additional damage per stack.


Midas Touch (Passive) - Every 4th normal attack knocks back targets and deals magic damage. Additionally, Gildur gains a shield for a short period of time when he uses any of his abilities.
Siege - Gildur charges forward dealing physical damage to enemies in his path.
Extravagant - Gildur launches molten gold that explodes upon contact with an enemy, stunning and dealing magic damage to all enemies nearby.
Indulgence (Ultimate) - Gildur summons golden shards that stun and deal magic damage to every enemy they hit.


Arcane Fire (Passive) - Abilities deal additional magic damage to enemies and can be stacked up to 10 times within a short time.
Arcane Spirits - Natalya fires 5 arcane spirits towards the target area. Each spirit deals magic damage to enemies within. When an enemy is hit by multiple spirits, each additional spirit only deals 30% damage. Spirits stop traveling when they hit an enemy hero.
Arcane Nova - Natalya casts an Arcane Orb towards the specified direction. When the orb touches an enemy or reaches the end of its path, it becomes an Arcane Nova and stuns enemies hit for 1 second. Then the orb grows in size and flies slowly to deal magic damage each time it comes in contact with an enemy, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds.
Lethal Rays (Ultimate) - Natalya commands Poison Fang to release lethal rays, dealing magic damage every 0.25 seconds to enemies. While channeling, Natalya gains a shield that absorbs damage. Natalya is immune to crowd control effects while the shield lasts (channeling can be canceled after 1 second by using the ability again).


Gut Punch (Passive) - Each time Ormarr deals damage, he has a chance to stun the target and deal physical damage equal to 9-15% (scales with hero level) of the targets current HP. This stun can only occur once every 4 seconds.
Unstoppable - Ormarr dashes forward, powering his next normal attack to deal additional physical damage and also knocking the target in the air.
Swagger - Ormarr bashes the ground with his hammer, dealing physical damage to enemies within range and slowing their movement speed by 50% for 1 second. Each enemy that is hit by Swagger grants Ormarr a stack of Fighting Spirit. Reaching 3 stacks of Fighting Spirit will cause the next cast to trigger Gut Punch.
Walking Tall (Ultimate) - Ormarr spins with deadly force, dealing physical damage to all enemies within range per hit.

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