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The daily reward system should be changed to weekly

Bonjwa| Bonjwa 7/12/2017 04:24:17
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One problem i also have with the daily reward system is the fact that if you want max gold you need to play 6 (not 5 and not 7) games daily to get the max gold. This system is bad for weekend warriors (those with a lot of time to burn on weekends) and bad for those with uneven playtime (i believe those that can play 3-4 hours on one day and no hours a different day should get same rewards as those that plays 1,5 hours every day) There are people the perfer working 10-12 hours 3-4 days and having more free days to do what they want. There are also people like me that hates this system because while i really enjoy SoK (it is my favorite mobile game because it is a real skill based game and not a pay2win money grab where the winner is the one who spend the most money and i played a lot of League) I feel like i have to play exactly 6 games every day. If i play 3 games one day and 9 games the next i get way less gold than if i play 6 games 2 days in a row. The last problem i have with this daily cap system is that sometimes i have got 480-485 gold from 6 games and that mean if i play 1 more game that might last 15+ minutes i get 15-20 gold. This weekly system would solve this problem. Here is my idea for a better system:
Remove the Daily Battle Rewards chests (they give 680 gold daily and 4760 gold weekly if you unlock all 4 chests 7 days in a row)

All matches expect bot matches should give 130% more gold to make up for the removal of daily battle reward chests (if you do the math it closely equals the same gold as it should be as daily gold chests are around 130% more gold than the daily gold cap of 500 gold)

Change the daily gold cap to a weekly gold cap. I added the reasons for that above so all that is left is the number. Since 680*7 from chests equals 4760 gold and 500*7 equals 3500 gold the weekly gold cap should be 4760+3500= 8260 gold you can get weekly

Personally i think this idea is amazing and i would be happy to see this idea in SoK

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Use magic

Bonjwa|  Author| Bonjwa 8/6/2017 08:52:25
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Bump. I want some feedback on this
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Use magic

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