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New heroes comes to fast imo

Bonjwa| Bonjwa 7/12/2017 03:12:11
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Edited by Bonjwa at 7/12/2017 11:36

I dont think SoK is pay2win at all as the cheaper heroes are also good and Tencent are trying to balance all the heroes (and i think they are doing a fine job so far) But in a game like League of Legends as long as you play on average 2 hours daily (the equal to 5-6 summoners rift games daily) you can buy the new hero with IP as soon as that hero comes out. In SoK that is not the case however. While you have farmed the 13888 gold (and the dont count the fact that some heroes cost 18888) for one hero 2-3 new heroes have came out at the time. So unless Tencent are going to slow down with releasing new heroes (and i do think once the hero pool comes close to something like 120-150 heroes they will slow down releasing new heroes as it would be way too hard to learn 200+ heroes for newbies and such) Also because of the gold cap (i dont mind having a gold cap but i think it should be 800-1000 as 500 is just too low as i can get that in 6 5vs5 games, that is also the games you need for all the treasure chests that gives gold) Is too low. It should allow for the equal to 8-10 5vs5 games with 50% winrate before you reaches the cap. It should be noted that playing 6 games and reaching gold cap with that is with 50% guild bonus but without the 20% friend bonus. With the 20% friend bonus you can reach gold cap in 4 5vs5 wins (but you still need 6 games for chests for max gold)
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