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(7/3-7/10) Free Hero Rotation

Joseph| Joseph 7/3/2017 01:16:02
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Every week, we have SIX HEROES for you to try out for free! This week's lineup: Lu Bu, Slimz, Krixi, Kahlii, Peura and Omega!

Lu Bu

Martial Master (Passive) - Reduce Impale's Cooldown by 1 sec. whenever Lu Bu hits a target with a skill or normal attack.
Red Stallion - Lu Bu lunges forward, causing Phys. DMG. (Touch the Hero to stop), this skill can be discharged 3 times in a row. The third attack sends enemies flying.
Impale - Lu Bu brings down his halberd to unleash a shockwave at enemies, causing Phys. DMG and temporarily slowing their Mov. Speed.
Conqueror (Ultimate) - Lu Bu powers up, which boosts his Phys. ATK, his life steal, and poise for a 8+ sec.


Piercing (Passive) - Every 3rd normal attack from Slimz gains a Pierce effect where both the target and the enemies behind it take 130% of the normal physical damage.
Flying Spear - Slimz throws a flying spear, dealing magic damage and stunning the target for up to 2.5 seconds (the further the spear flies, the longer the stun). Upon hitting the enemy, Slimz attack speed is increased by 25% for 5 seconds, and the bonus is doubled if the spear hits an enemy hero.
Leap of Vitality - Slimz leaps to a specific location and increases his attack damage for 5 seconds after he lands.
Savage Potion (Ultimate) - Slimz activates his primal instincts and enhances his normal attacks to deal additional damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum HP (up to 150 damage for monsters). His movement speed is also increased by 20% for 8 seconds. Each kill or assist extends the effect by 3 seconds.


Flutter (Passive) - When Krixi hits the enemies with her skills, she gains an additional 25% Mov. Speed for 2 sec.
Mischief - Krixi summons a clone to fly about and deal Magic DMG to any enemy it touches. Damage decreases by 20% after each hit (minimum is 40% of original damage).
Nature's Wrath - Krixi summons the power of nature to send the enemies flying, dealing Magic DMG.
Moonfall (Ultimate) - Krixi summons a meteor shower that pummels nearby enemies and causes Magic DMG with each hit. Each enemy can be hit a maximum of 4 times and the shower lasts for 5 sec.


Damnation (Passive) - Normal attacks carry a penetration effect that deals Magic DMG.
Eternal Blame - Kahlii summons a wraith that will cause Magic DMG every 0.5 sec to all enemies in range and slow their Mov. Speed for 2 sec. The slow effect can stack up to 5 times.
Incorporeal- Kahlii absorbs the power of the wraith so that her Magic ATK is strengthened and her Mov. Speed is increased for 60 sec.
Grievance - Kahlii unleashes her frenzied vengeance on enemies. Within 5 sec, she summons 55 waves of wraiths that continuously attack enemies ahead. Each wave deals Magic DMG. This skill deals 10% more damage against monsters.

Peura (formerly Payna)

Riposte (Passive) - When Peura takes damage, she counterattacks and deals magic damage to the attackers and slows their movement speed by 90% for 1 second. This effect only triggers once every 10 seconds.
Healing Light - Peura uses healing magic to restore HP for herself and nearby friendly heroes. Also increases attack speed by 25% for 3 seconds.
Forest Sentry - Peura summons an owl to attack enemies. The owl flies between the enemy units and deals magic damage each hit (up to 6 hits) and stuns enemies temporarily. When there are 2 or more enemy targets, the same enemy can be hit more than once.
Nature's Rally (Ultimate) - With her Spirit Orbs, Peura creates a zone that increases armor of nearby friendly units. Enemy units in the zone take magic damage every 0.5 seconds and 20% reduced movement speed while in the zone. Enemies who remain in the zone for more than 2 seconds are stunned for 1.5 seconds.


Demolition Mode (Passive) - Omega's abilities deal full damage to structures.
Guardian Mode - When activated, Omega gains a damage absorption shield and increases movement speed by for 5 seconds. The next normal attack deals physical damage, knocking targets into the air briefly.
Destruction Mode - Omega charges forward, dealing physical damage to enemies and stunning them.
Exterminate (Ultimate) - Omega continuously strikes nearby enemies, dealing physical damage on each hit.
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