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Father's Day Event: Win Gold!

Joseph| Joseph 6/16/2017 02:46:55
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Father's Day is just around the corner, and in celebration of this, we'd like to give you all the opportunity to put your wit and writing skills to the test for a chance to earn some of that sweet, in-game Gold! To enter, you simply need to choose one Strike of Kings hero, write about what type of father he'd be/how would he raise a kid, provide your Player ID (Settings -> Player ID). Be creative (and reasonable... nothing that would break our ToS please)! Details below:

Event Time: Friday, 6/16 to Friday, 6/23
Winners Announced: Monday, 7/3

1st Place - 10,000 Gold
2nd Place - 8,000 Gold
3rd Place - 5,000 Gold

Winners will be chosen based on the creativity of the story chosen by the Strike of Kings staff.

3 Random Other Participants Will Receive 1,000 Gems if they write a qualifying story. We need to have at least 6 players participating to make these Gem prizes available.

Reply to this post with your story - good luck!

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Joseph|  Author| Joseph 6/26/2017 21:51:10
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Hey all! Official winners will be announced tomorrow on Wednesday. Stay tuned.
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MyLittlePony| MyLittlePony 6/16/2017 17:51:46
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Edited by MyLittlePony at 6/19/2017 09:52

Player ID:[44ae4b3e2ac3cdfdfa157ad33edd25e1]I'm in the china server (downloaded the apk from garena) so Im not sure if this contest applies to me (because our server appears to have more heroes released atm, the hero in which the english one is releasing has already been released quite a while)

Father: Maloch, the merciless
Son: Rudolph,the ruthless (or at least that's what Maloch hopes his son will turn out to be)

Rumored to be merciless, everyone's jaw would drop when they see how Maloch the insufferable tyrant, the merciless, the incandescent, raises his own son.with lots, and lots of love
You would expect a disciplined tiny mirror image of Maloch, snarling, biting everything he sees. However, his son appears to love and enjoy life more than Maloch does, something which Maloch frowns upon. He apparently lacks the cunning intelligence that his father possess (picking his father's horns and attempting to break it off when he asks him to pick a weapon (baby demons bond with their weapon when they are an infant) is a telltale sign). But as much as Maloch dislikes the nature of his son, he loves him deeply, and although he has tried to change the nature of his son via discipline or love, perhaps its time to accept that his son will never become a ruthless demon like him. But that doesn't mean he will ever stop trying.

Favorite quote (when interacting with Rudolph): Goddamit, Rudolph

"Rudolph, here's my favorite food, human souls taken straight from the pit of hell-a customary delicacy of demons. Here, I've selected one of the finest soul I could fine for you, eat it, devour it, savour it Rudolph. Eat it so you will become strong like daddy one day! Rudolph..........why are you making friends with that soul?? Hurry up and put it in your mouth Rudolph. RUDOLPH NO HE CAN'T BE YOUR PET GODDAMMIT RUDOLPH"

"Rudolph can you stop prancing around the grassland that Daddy hates to the core? You want me to catch you? " *Sigh *" Alright." *puts away his gigantic sword* "Goddamit Rudolph fine, *in a spooky voice* Here I commmmmmmmmeeeeeee Rudolph, daddy Malochs coming to eat your souuulllllllllll" "

Conversation between Maloch and his son
"Rudolph, one day, you're gonna take over daddy, and kill Jinnar for me right?"
"Why fight and kill?"
"Well because he's good and we are bad:"
"But i wan to be gud. Wee can bwe frens with Jinnn"
"Goddammit, Rudolph"

"Rudolphhh, time to choose your weapon, you're big and strong now aren't you, no, choose anything you want in this room, you are spoiled for choices, we have the Lich blade, the tormented hammer, the devil's gauntlet............ARG STOP THAT RUDOLPH STOP GRABBING MY HORNS NO ITS IS NOT A WEAPON NOR AN OPTION GODDAMMIT RUDOLPH"

"Rudolph, its time to learn how to torment and plunder. Come with me to the nearest village!"
"Alright rudolph, we've reached the village, now listen to daddy. Make up the most evil expression you have (*Rudolph grins*) *sigh*, and puff up your chest, fly up, and drop right into the center of the village before roaring and demand human sacrifices or threaten to destroy the entire town. You can do that right? (*Rudolph nods*) Atta boy, go on now"
As he watches his son flaps his infant wings into the sky, Maloch sheds a molten tear "My son is all grown up"
*A minute later* Rudolph comes back crying with a large bruise on his head
"ohhhh my poor little boy, don't cry, daddy's going to punish these evil people who hurt you"
*roars, screams of villagers could be heard*

"Oh what did you say Rudolph? Daddy's the most handsome in hell?" *blushes* "Goddammit Rudolph you're definitely right on that one"

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Darrow| Darrow 6/21/2017 03:21:55
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Father: Kriknak, the Scarabism
Mother: Unknown
Daughter: Sara, The Death

Long Time Ago, people from the Sand told each other Story´s about a Big deadly Scarab.
The sand people were telling the story from generation to generation.
It was an Ancient History.

But They didn't´t know, every Story they heard were not just rumors, they were real!
Kriknak, killed so many Humans and animals in his Life, but he was old now and he knew his time is coming soon.
There were only a few left of his kind and Kriknak didn't want to end his bloodline so he searched for a female Scarab.
He went back to his Birthplace, it was a Big Scarab Temple beneath the sand. No human entered it for Century´s.
There he find his Queen, a female Scarab.
Both knew there time was going to end soon. So both did what they had to do.
The Queen layed 10 Eggs as big as ostrich eggs.
Both knew the little Scarabs will be hungry and need food to Grow Up.
So Knikrak went on the Hunt to get food.
He killed  Humans and Animals and took them all the Palace but it was not enough for 10 little Scarabs.
Both knew it but they had no time, there time was over.
Both stayed near to the Eggs, slept and died over the night.

Few Days Later the Eggs started to Hatch and the Little Scarabs fed their self up with the animals, Humans and their dead parents. Their hunger was unreliable big but they were not big enough to hunt.
So they started to do cannibalism. They killed and eat each other until 2 Scarabs were left. They still were tiny but they made their way trough the sand out of the palace and started to live in the Outside world.

Both went separated ways and won´t see each other for a long time.
One headed North and the Other to the South.

The Scarab which went to the South named herself Sara, she was smart and always hungry.
She didn't know how to hunt but her instinct guided her and so she grew bigger and bigger.
She never missed her parents or asked herself how she was born, she just lived.
She started to kill humans and people thought it was a jackal, only a few thought it could be the ancient scarab from the history but they never saw her, so they didn't´t believe in it and it kept a Story... For a few Years....


I Hope you enjoy the little Story
Your Darrow

Ingame ID: 259530244686959
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BecomeWiser| BecomeWiser 6/19/2017 14:31:43 From the mobile phone
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Father: Ormarr.
Son: Unnamed, he's just known as Ormarr's son.

"The greatest motivation for a proud father is to be a role model for his son, and be someone he can look up to."

Many outsiders of the Bloody Axe clan have wondered what could have sparked that fiery demeanor and infinite courage that can be witnessed from afar whenever Ormarr engages in a battle. Even amongst the insiders the question lingered, while they looked up to Ormarr's bravery that carried their clan through even the darkest frontiers that they had ever faced. But that precious question did not linger in the minds of those that realized the one aspect in Ormarr's life that was the most valuable to him; his son. For they knew that the things in life that are the most valuable to us, could infact be our greatest source of motivation to do the things we do.

"As long as his heart pounds, this passion will forever burn!"

Determined to follow in his fathers footsteps, the young brave boy proudly charges to the frontlines in his guest to aid his father in battle, whenever the clan faces another challenge. Much to the delight of Ormarr himself, as he knows that with every blow his son's muscles will mature, and with every experience his mind will become wiser. Ormarr believes that one day his son's fighting abilities will exceed his own.

The few insiders of the Bloody Axe clan that know the secret of Ormarr's undying fire have grown increasingly protective of his son. Not only do they know that the clan's momentary succes partly rests on his shoulders, as he is Ormarr's greatest motivation, but also have they realized that this young brave boy will eventually grow up to be as powerful as his father. Hence they never deprive him of another opportunity to assist in battle, despite of their protective urges. These insiders have begun to call Ormarr's son 'the pearl of the Bloody Axe clan', for they know that with Ormarr's son, a bright future lies ahead of the clan.
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Joseph|  Author| Joseph 6/18/2017 19:00:34
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MyLittlePony replied at 6/17/2017 01:51
Player ID:[44ae4b3e2ac3cdfdfa157ad33edd25e1]I'm in the china server (downloaded the apk from garena) ...

I like this. Let's get some more here!
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JonasTD| JonasTD 6/19/2017 01:06:29
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Edited by JonasTD at 6/19/2017 10:10

Father: Wukong ~ The Monkey King
Son: Blade ~ The new Monkey King
Mother: Unknown

Wukong's story: After fighting for ages in the Glorious Fields of Strike of Kings, Wukong finally decided that it was time for him to settle down.
Fighting in the arena gave him fame, gold and time, allot of time.
He used that time and gold wisely like a King would, he bought new ground, the sacred monkey ground!

Years went by and after all that hard work and the help of other Monkeys, Wukong was finally crowned as "The Monkey King" again.
He had what he loved or so he thought, King or farmer, time makes you old but Wukong still has his gold.
He always wanted a son but he never found a true love, he heard rumors about an old man with magic powers who would make your wishes come true if the price was right.

Wukong searched for the old man but couldn't find him so he gave up.
When he said those words the magic man appeared, his face as black as the void his skin as shiny as water.
"You need me" Asked the man.
"Uhm, ye..." Wukong was interrupted by the man:"I know what you seek and desire my price is one golden shire."

Wukong was very happy and he agreed to the deal.
"At dawn your new king will be born but where 1 life comes 1 must go" Were the man's last words.
The next morning a new king was found on Wukong's bed, Wukong was never found, only a note that said that every servant must protect and serve the new King, Blade ~ The new Monkey King.

A shire is a horse ;)

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JonasTD| JonasTD 6/20/2017 01:02:37
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BecomeWiser replied at 6/19/2017 23:31
Father: Ormarr.
Son: Unnamed, he's just known as Ormarr's son.

Great story!
You forgot to include your OpenID ;)
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MyLittlePony| MyLittlePony 6/28/2017 23:09:17
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It's thursday already HAHA
I guess the stories' so good the staffs are having trouble picking aren't they ;)
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Joseph|  Author| Joseph 7/2/2017 17:50:18
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Winners have been announced here:
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