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Negative attitude from Discord Moderation team.

JonasTD| 匿名  Post time 5/6/2018 08:47:58 |Read mode
Dear members and staff of our Community, I would like to adress an issue in the discord server.
Why only these you ask? Well simply because I have not looked around on other places and I do not have such time to do.

Why this report?
I recently joined the Official discord only to be welcomed by a few moderators in informal ways and even getting into a discussion with one in the same first hour that I was there.
It appears this issue has been going on for way longer than it should.

At first I did not want to involved in this but sadly no improvement was made and it just continued like it has for the last months,
now I want to adress this issue to stop this for once and for all.
If this is a moderator team that should aid and assist people with questions and provide support in general I would be sure some lied about meeting the minimum requirements.

Admin edit: screenshots were removed due to vulgar content.
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zazzer| zazzer 5/10/2018 09:23:43
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Hi JonasTD,

I appreciate you bringing this up. I chose to remove the chat screenshots due to the sensitive content within, but I wanted to leave this topic up and address it publicly rather than privately.

First and foremost to us is creating an Arena of Valor community that is fun, pleasant, and most of all - welcoming to all new members. The behavior you shared to us by one of our moderators - even though some of it took place in private and not on the official Discord server - is not acceptable and does not adhere to this goal.

Be assured that we have spoken with this moderator and disciplinary action will be taken.

To all of our community members reading this, if you ever have an unpleasant experience in our community, my messages on Discord (zazzer#8731) are always open to discuss further and investigate.

Global Community Manager
Arena of Valor
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Baker| Baker 5/8/2018 00:57:06
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Hi JonasTD,

Thank you for bringing this up. We take our moderators very seriously and will conduct a further investigation of this. We will also do an internal review to ensure that this doesn't happen again (or at least minimize it as much as possible).

Arena of Valor Team
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crybloodwing| crybloodwing 5/10/2018 07:38:38
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I think that it is fine for the moderators and friends to speak to each other that way if they are friends. However, it should not be done in a public setting with players that they do not know very well.

Like most of that stuff would not be okay to post on social media. Discord is more private, but it is still not just among friends.
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DjTheMask| DjTheMask 5/9/2018 10:15:46
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Edited by DjTheMask at 5/9/2018 10:17 AM

Hello JonasTD,

I understand your frustration and indeed some of the moderators words are out of place. Never the less some moderators are friends with normal players and they speak to each other as they wish. Sometimes we say things to players thinking we have enough trust to say them that might hurt feelings unconsciously.

All of the moderators and a lot of the contributors are normal volunteer users and humans, we all make mistakes i personally apologize for what happened to you on the discord. I hope this unfortunate situation wont keep you away and have the occasion to see you soon around the discord to kill some noobs in the game together!

Kind Regards
DJTM - Development Team
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JonasTD| JonasTD 5/10/2018 16:46:56
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I'm very happy with how this situation was handled.
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