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FIX the Report "System"

unkownuser| unkownuser 2/4/2018 07:34:05
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Not just the ranked "star" system and the meta are shit, but the report "system" is the biggest pile of shit of them all.

Reporting a 0-12-0 in Gold IV (NOT EVEN KIDING!) has a reply "we will monitor further..." bullshit, but getting reported by a shit team, even when i have 1-3-11, results in -6 credibility, and I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT AM I BEING REPORTED AND PUNISHED FOR!

But hey, I know that the developer team doesn't even interested in anything, so this is just letting the steam out. They wont fix shit. Last year this huge pile of shit game earned 1.2 BILLION, ffs. How can such a broken, zero designed, backed up by potato servers can earn in the billions? I hope the developers are crunched every day, with more than 11 hour every day, even on weekends, and don't even see a lot of money for it, only the high managers are laughing their ass off. Next time when a developer makeing huge money on shit cries about crunch times I won't have any fucking sympathy.

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MetalEyez| MetalEyez 2/5/2018 06:00:00
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Am totally agree with you , its one of the really big filer in the game , its look that its Auto just Punch player when only get Disconnected !! There is no penalty for the Trolling or Feeder or player on the game but just AFK most of time !!

Am also really so angry coz of this system I've tried to report player with 3 lines of comment and then what ? Nothing the same silly msg about that they need more info !!

And so far no one of the team reply to you here so am not sure how they are working on this game ?

They need to find a fast solution for that beside so many other filer
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HarveySpecter| HarveySpecter 2/6/2018 13:05:38 From the mobile phone
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unkownuser replied at 2/4/2018 07:34 AM
Not just the ranked "star" system and the meta are shit, but the report "system" is the biggest pile ...

The reporting system is a concern I agree. Even in other MOBA games this is something that is constantly being improved. Unfortunately it doesn’t take a day to fix this. Sometimes, in those situations, you get frustrated and you start to blame the feeders, the careless players etc etc etc. And you vent your frustration and oftentimes we tend to be vocal about it. Sadly, it is those who complain and try to direct the team, who gets reported. And those who should take the blame don’t because they stay quiet. This is wrong but sadly this is what is happening now.

To me personally I would tell my team mates to report the offender so that the report is consistent. One report really doesn’t do anything, there needs to be a consensus or at least majority. This is what I noticed based on the reports I sent myself.

Rest assured that the devs are doing their best to improve the system.  
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