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Using the Feedback Forum

Joseph| Joseph 7/2/2017 18:17:52
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Please share any and all feedback about the game here.

When doing so, the more detailed the feedback is (example: <HERO> seems too be too good against <HERO> because of <REASON> instead of <HERO> is bad!), the easier it'll be to communicate it with the devs.

Some examples of feedback you can share in this subforum:

1) Game Balance Feedback
2) In-Game Heroes, Hero Skins, Map Art Style Feedback
3) In-Game UI Feedback
4) In-Game Events and Promotions Feedback
5) In-Game Mechanics (Sign-in Bonus, Send Gold to Friends, etc) Feedback
6) Any other game-related feedback!

The more constructive and detailed the feedback, the better!
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Leavj| Leavj 7/3/2017 18:02:22
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I feel like the heroes people can pick in ranked matches should have a limitation in terms of experience.  If someone is not at least "seasoned" with a hero they should not be able to pick that hero to play a ranked match since there are so many people who are playing a hero for the first time in ranked. And honestly it is so frustrating to see that your team is full of beginner and medium heroes when the other team is all legends it puts you in a bad mood before the match even starts.

Another thing is pre-made teams in ranked matches. I don't know if they are already like this but I think they should be matched with other premade teams. It makes it hard for solo players when the other team in front of you knows each other and has the heroes they are going to choose planned meanwhile you just flipped a coin hoping your team picks what they can play.
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