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[SecDeth] Raz in Depths and Video!

SecDeth| SecDeth 7/5/2017 06:40:40
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Edited by SecDeth at 7/5/2017 17:45

Hello people!
I wanted to make a full guide about new assassin mage Raz! I will not bore you with stiff stuff so let we talk about more important things! Btw i am trying to reach 1000 matches with only Raz for make my new main haha :3

Video with Subtitles:


- Hi Mobility.
- Hi CC.
- Burst Damage.


- Fragile
- Hard to Control
- Hard to hit skill shots aganist good foes.

If you are playing with raz you should know all your skill effects and guess your enemy moves more than other heroes. If you guys buy this hero to think same mechanics as Lee Sin it is not. I can recommend Skud to you if you want this lol. Raz has got completly different mechanics. Just keep on move with him always and stay your range. Wait their poor moments and attack.

Recommended Roles

Jungler Main Role

Mid Laner Second Role

Top Laner Depends your team composition.

What should you pick aganist Raz!

Gildur, Vallhein, Krixi...

What should not you pick aganist Raz!

Ormar, Taara , Yorn...

Item builds: I dont recommend a stable build bc it is a team game and you should pick ur items aganist ur foes.

But if you want to have an idea about his build let me give you a simple one its still first pick up on pro builds.

Orb of Magi- Boots of Hermes - Rhea's Blessing - Boom Stick - Berith's Agony - Hecate's Diadem.

Arcanas: It is depends player styles so focus on magic attack, def and hp runes or cooldown and magic penetration runes.

If you want to add  your impressions about Raz just leave a comment here we can improve together.

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Use magic

SecDeth|  Author| SecDeth 7/6/2017 03:35:48 From the mobile phone
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crezmo replied at 7/6/2017 01:23
Good show man.
Now work on your evasive maneuvers. Stay away from just going back all the time. I k ...

Haha Thanks for your lovely comment. If you ve watch the video you should see i let him hit me and take farm at first. Btw maneuvers aka dodge mechanics are depends the situation in you. Just running away or back doesnt save your life at all. You need to guess enemy moves like playing chess and do best dodges according it.
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Use magic

crezmo| crezmo 7/5/2017 14:23:13
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Good show man.
Now work on your evasive maneuvers. Stay away from just going back all the time. I know it's a habit, but one day it will be life saving.

I would love to 1v1 you one day.
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Use magic

Azu13kJ9| Azu13kJ9 8/14/2017 13:45:49 From the mobile phone
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Finally found your guide   Well Raz is basically a very very good hero but at the cost of difficulty. His passive it's very hard to control, but I gues I found a  combo for him (don't know if it's good but, here am I) The combo: hit target twice (basic attacks) then skill 1 then another basic then skill 3. I observed that every time he cast a skill his next  basic makes him dash a after skill 1 you  dash at his back and skill 3. Well that's all, I don't think it's a good combo but well )
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Use magic

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